UB40 – Rat in my Kitchen

UB40 – Rat in my Kitchen

UB40 - Rat in my Kitchen

UB40 are a British reggae/pop band formed in 1978 in Birmingham, England. The band has placed more than 50 singles in the UK Singles Chart, and has also achieved considerable international success. The band has been nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album four times, and in 1984, they were nominated for the Brit Award for Best British Group. One of the world’s best-selling music artists, UB40 have sold over 70 million records. Their hit singles include their debut “Food for Thought” and two U.S. Billboard Hot 100 number ones with “Red Red Wine” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love”. Both of these also topped the UK Singles Chart, as did the band’s version of “I Got You Babe”.

The story of UB40, and how this group of young friends from Birmingham transcended their working-class origins to become the world’s most successful reggae band is not the stuff of fairytales as might be imagined. The group’s led a charmed life in many respects it’s true, but it’s been a long haul since the days they’d meet up in the bars and clubs around Moseley, and some of them had to scrape by on less than £8 a week unemployment benefit. The choice was simple if you’d left school early. You could either work in one of the local factories, like Robin Campbell did, or scuffle along aimlessly whilst waiting for something else to happen.

By the summer of 1978, something else did happen, and the nucleus of UB40 began rehearsing in a local basement. Robin’s younger brother Ali, Earl Falconer, Brian Travers and James Brown all knew each other from Moseley School of Art, whilst Norman Hassan had been a friend of Ali’s since school. Initially, they thought of themselves as a “jazz-dub-reggae” band, but by the time Robin was persuaded to join and they’d recruited Michael Virtue and Astro – who’d learnt his craft with Birmingham sound-system Duke Alloy – the group had already aligned themselves to left-wing political ideals and forged their own identity, separate from the many punk and Two Tone outfits around at that time. The group had nailed their colours to the mast by naming themselves after an unemployment benefit form. Their political convictions hadn’t been gleaned secondhand either, but cemented in place whilst attending marches protesting against the National Front, or rallies organised by Rock Against Racism.

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Dinosaur Sightings – DOS File Managers

Dinosaur Sightings – DOS File Managers

Dinosaur Sightings - DOS File Managers

The Executive Systems’ DOS File Manager products, XTree (1985) all the way up to XTreeGold (1993) were very popular in their day. Every version of the product offered great features and made managing files a piece of cake. Xtree was so popular that to this day, the product’s most ardent fans maintain a Web site dedicated to the product called XTree Fan Page. While visiting the page I learned that in 1993, XTree was sold to Central Point Software, which in 1994 was acquired by Symantec. By 1995 the XTree product was discontinued. Image created by Greg Shultz for TechRepublic.

About Greg Shultz

Greg Shultz is a freelance Technical Writer. Previously, he has worked as Documentation Specialist in the software industry, a Technical Support Specialist in educational industry, and a Technical Journalist in the computer publishing industry.

Info and picture source…..techrepublic.com

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The Snowdroppers – Do The Stomp

The Snowdroppers – Do The Stomp

The Snowdroppers - Do The Stomp

The Snowdroppers are an Australian punk and rock band with Johnny Wishbone on lead vocals and banjo, Pauly K on guitar, Nick London on bass guitar and Cougar Jones on drums. Their debut album, Too Late to Pray, was released in 2009. The band toured the United States in March 2011.

The band have played at Australian festivals including Big Day Out, East Coast Blues & Roots Music Festival, Come Together Music Festival, Village Fair, Peats Ridge, and Gympie Muster. In October 2010, they toured New Zealand supporting Gin Wigmore. During early 2011, the group played six gigs across the United States including The Viper Room in Los Angeles and SXSW festival in Austin, Texas in March.

The Snowdroppers are an old style good time family fun band, whose feel good tunes harken from a more innocent era. From the days when jitterbugging, speak easys and contracting cholera was all the rage. They tackle issues such as substance dependancy, spousal abuse, homocide and good old fashioned misogyny.

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Weird Al Yankovic – Smells Like Nirvana

Weird Al Yankovic – Smells Like Nirvana

Weird Al Yankovic - Smells Like Nirvana

A musical parodist in the broad, juvenile yet clever tradition of Mad magazine, “Weird Al” Yankovic is known for adding his own gently satirical lyrics to current hit songs. His shaggy, hangdog appearance, affection for slapstick, and amiable willingness to do seemingly anything for a laugh made him a natural for videos. His burlesques of the form and its artistes — especially of Michael Jackson in “Eat It” (from “Beat It”) (#12, 1983) and “Fat” (from “Bad”) (#99, 1988) — became MTV staples. His medleys of rock tunes given the polka treatment inspired rumors —untrue — that Yankovic was a member of the singing Yankovic family, who made polka and Western swing records in the 1940s. Regardless of his heritage, Yankovic is undoubtedly the most successful comedy recording artist, with more than 11 million albums sold.

Yankovic, a high school valedictorian and architecture student, got his start I 1979, when he sent his “My Bologna” — a parody of the Knack’s “My Sharona” — to Dr. Demento, a syndicated radio host specializing in novelty songs and curiosities. Recorded in a bathroom across the hall from his college radio station with only his accordion and vocal, the song was popular enough with Demento’s audience for Capitol (the Knack’s label) to release it as a single. His next parody, “Another One Rides the Bus” (based on Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust”), became the most requested song in the first decade of the Dr. Demento show.

Yankovic signed with Rock ‘n’ Roll Records (a CBS subsidiary), which not only gave him access to better recording facilities and the production expertise of Rick Derringer but the financial backing for the video of “Ricky” (#63, 1983). A combination parody of Toni Basil’s hit single and video “Mickey” and homage to TV’s I Love Lucy, “Ricky” was the first of a string of videos that skewered the music, its creators, and its audience, not to mention pop culture in general. While often hilariously hamfisted, Yankovic’s takeoffs — such as “I Lost on Jeopardy” (#81, 1984) from “Weird Al” Yankovic in 3-D (#81, 1984), which rewrote Greg Kihn’s “Jeopardy”; “Like a Surgeon” (#47, 1985), which tackled Madonna’s “Like a Virgin,” from Dare to Be Stupid (#50, 1985) — made their creator and star as much a rock celebrity as his targets. In fact, the longevity of Yankovic’s career has surpassed several of the artists’ whose songs he has parodied. Nearly half the songs on any of his albums were comedic originals, although only his biggest fans seemed to be aware of “Weird Al” the songwriter. But his lyric rewriting earned him eight Grammy nominations, including two wins.

In 1985 Yankovic released a video collection of his parodies, The Compleat Al. That same year MTV produced an occasional series starring Yankovic as the host of Al TV, wherein he spoofed current videos. In 1989 he wrote and starred in the movie UHF; costarring a pre-Seinfeld Michael Richards, UHF did poorly in the theater but later found new life as a cultish video hit.

Polka Party! (#177, 1986), which relied more on music than on videos, stiffed. Even Worse (#27, 1988) marked Al’s return to rock video, and Michael Jackson. For “Fat,” a grossly, literally overinflated Yankovic donned a leather outfit that copied Jackson’s on the cover and video of Bad down to the last buckle. Jackson not only gave his approval for Yankovic’s versions, he lent the subway set used in “Bad” for the “Fat” video.

In 1988 Yankovic collaborated with avant-garde synthesizer artist Wendy Carlos on recorded versions of the classical pieces Peter and the Wolf and Carnival of the Animals Part II. In 1992 Yankovic turned his eye to another musical trend, grunge, specifically Nirvana. “Smells Like Nirvana” (#35, 1992) took on the Seattle band’s image and garbled lyrics, with the accompanying video again using the original set, this time adding cows and Dick Van Patten, wile the cover of Off the Deep End (#17, 1992) had Yankovic replacing the swimming baby picture on Nevermind, his gaze focused not on a dollar bill but a donut. He also mocked the traveling summer tour Lollapalooza with his 1993 album, Alapalooza (#46), which featured “Bedrock Anthem,” a combination takeoff of the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Under the Bridge” and “Give it Away” as well as the classical cartoon series The Flintstones. In 1996 he wrote the theme song for the movie satire Spy Hard, as well as designed the opening credits and appeared as himself in the film.

The same year, Yankovic released Bad Hair Day, which rose to #14 thanks to the success of its first single and video, “Amish Paradise,” a takeoff on rapper Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise” (itself a rewrite of Stevie Wonder’s “Pastime Paradise”). The album cover even mimicked the rapper’s hairstyle. While Yankovic always prided himself on getting permission to parody, this time there was a miscommunication between the artists’ record companies’ Yankovic was told Coolio was fine with the idea, but when the album was released, Coolio claimed he never consented. Yankovic sent a letter of apology and vowed not to accept agreement from anyone but the artists themselves.

After being the subject of the Disney Channel mockumentary special “Weird Al” Yankovic: There’s No Going Home in 1996, the entertainer hosted the Pee-wee’s Playhouse-esque Weird Al Show on CBS’ Saturday-morning lineup in 1997 and 1998. He was frustrated by the network’s lack of support for his tongue-in-cheek humor, and the show was canceled after one season. Yankovic seemingly disappeared for a time in 1998; when he re-emerged without his trademark mustache and glasses — besides shaving, he’d gotten laser eye surgery — he was unrecognizable. His 1999 release, Running with Scissors, peaked at #16, due to the well-timed single “The Saga Begins,” a rundown of the current Star Wars movie The Phantom Menace sung to the tune of Don McLean’s “American Pie.” Even the official Star Wars Web site plugged Yankovic’s album, whose release was also timed to the premiere of his Behind the Music episode on VH1. In 2000 Yankovic contributed the original “Polkamon” to the soundtrack of the kids’ flick Pokémon 2000: The Movie.

While Yankovic and his band (bassist Steve Jay, drummer Jon “Bermuda” Schwartz, guitarist Jim West, and keyboardist Ruben Valtierra) are often not taken seriously, they are able to play the original songs they parody note-for-note, both in the studio and on tour, making them a great cover band, Yankovic has also tried his hand at directing music videos, both his own and for other artists, including country comedian Jeff Foxworthy, the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Hanson, and the Black Crowes.

Bio source…..www.rollingstone.com

Picture source…..mikesbloggityblog.com

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Dog’s wife Beth has warrant out for arrest

Dog’s wife Beth has warrant out for arrest

Dog's wife Beth has warrant out for arrest

Dog the bounty hunter‘s wife, Beth, has a warrant out for her arrest in Colorado. This is really out of the norm for this reality TV star, who is usually on the hunt to drag folks in for jumping bail. While Dog and Beth were on a fishing trip in Colorado, they ran into an unruly group of teens, according to MStars on July 28, 2013.

Beth and Dog were fishing when a car sped by with a group of teens inside. Beth allegedly yelled at the kids for their recklessness. Beth called 911 only after she saw that one of this group was carrying a gun and he had his hand on the grip. When police got there, Beth and Dog had left the area, but could you blame them, especially with a gun in the mix?

The teens put in a complaint about Beth yelling at them, saying she called one of the passengers a “tramp” and a “whore.” Under Colorado State law apparently the use of “coarse language” along with “taunting or challenging someone” is a crime, according to the website.

The warrant for this complaint was issued only because the police tried to get a hold of Beth to talk with her about the complaint, but she didn’t call them back. The Chapman’s lawyer has called the Colorado police to say that Beth would be turning herself in.

News and photo source…..www.examiner.com

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It started with a Kiss – Hot Chocolate

It started with a Kiss – Hot Chocolate

You sexy thing - Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate formed in Brixton, London, England in 1968. Members of the group included Errol Brown, Tony Connor, Larry Ferguson, Harvey Hinsley, Patrick Olive and Tony Wilson.
In 1969 the band started working on a reggae version of the John Lennon song “Give Peace A Chance”. Errol Brown had changed the lyrics for their version but was informed that he could not do this without John Lennon’s permission, so a copy of the demo was sent to the Beatles Apple record label to see what they thought of it. Fortunately, John loved the version and it was released on the Apple label.
The group was given the named ‘The Hot Chocolate Band’ by a secretary at the company, Mavis Smith, the band later changed it to just ‘Hot Chocolate’.
Towards the end of 1969 Mickie Most signed Errol and the cofounder of the group Tony Wilson as writers and recorded their songs with Mary Hopkins, Julie Felix and Herman’s Hermits before encouraging them to come up with a song for themselves. In 1970 Hot Chocolate, with Errol Brown as lead singer, released their first record entitled “Love Is Life” which reached number 6 in the charts. This was the start of a fifteen year career for the group who amassed a total of over 30 hits and also became the only group in the UK to have a hit for fifteen consecutive years.
In 1981 Hot Chocolate had the honour of being invited by Prince Charles and Lady Diana at their pre-wedding reception at Buckingham Palace which was attended by heads of Government and many members of European Royalty.
In 1986 Errol left the band and took time out to spend more time with his wife and then young children. The rest of the members of Hot Chocolate also took some time off to consider their future and in 1992 Patrick Olive, Harvey Hinsley and Tony Connor joined up with agent Richard Martin and decided to start touring again.
The band found a new singer Greg Bannis and keyboard players Andy Smith & Steve Ansell. Since 1992, the band has enjoyed years of continued success touring all around the world performing to many thousands of fans who love the music of Hot Chocolate. In 1997 the classic single “You Sexy Thing” reached number one in the charts after it was featured in the movie ‘The Full Monty’ and a new Hot Chocolate ‘Greatest Hits’ compilation released in October 1997 reached number 10 in the album charts.
In 2010 singer Kennie Simon replaced Greg Bannis on vocals creating what many are saying is the best sound ever.

Bio source…..www.hot-chocolate.co.uk

Picture source…..i.ytimg.com

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Dinosaur – killing space rock was a comet

Dinosaur – killing space rock was a comet

By Paul RinconScience editor, BBC News website, The Woodlands, Texas

Dinosaur - killing space rock was a comet

The impact 65 million years ago killed off 70% of species on Earth – including the dinosaurs.

The space rock that hit Earth 65m years ago and is widely implicated in the end of the dinosaurs was probably a speeding comet, US scientists say.

Researchers in New Hampshire suggest the 180km-wide Chicxulub crater in Mexico was carved out by a smaller object than previously thought.

Many scientists consider a large and relatively slow moving asteroid to have been the likely culprit.

Details were outlined at the 44th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

But other researchers were more cautious about the results.

“The overall aim of our project is to better characterise the impactor that produced the crater in the Yucatan peninsula [in Mexico],” Jason Moore, from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, told BBC News.

The space rock gave rise to a global layer of sediments enriched in the chemical element iridium, in concentrations much higher than naturally occurs; it must have come from outer space.

Extra-terrestrial chemistry

However, in the first part of their work, the team suggests that frequently quoted iridium values are incorrect. Using a comparison with another extraterrestrial element deposited in the impact – osmium – they were able to deduce that the collision deposited less debris than has previously been supposed.

The recalculated iridium value suggests a smaller body hit the Earth. So for the second part of their work, the researchers took the new figure and attempted to reconcile it with the known physical properties of the Chicxulub impact.

For this smaller space rock to have produced a 180km-wide crater, it must have been travelling relatively quickly. The team found that a long-period comet fitted the bill much better than other possible candidates.

“You’d need an asteroid of about 5km diameter to contribute that much iridium and osmium. But an asteroid that size would not make a 200km-diameter crater,” said Dr Moore.

“So we said: how do we get something that has enough energy to generate that size of crater, but has much less rocky material? That brings us to comets.”

Dr Moore’s colleague Prof Mukul Sharma, also from Dartmouth College, told BBC News: “You would need some special pleading for an asteroid moving very rapidly – although it is possible. But of the comets and asteroids we have looked at in the skies, the comets are the ones that are moving very rapidly.”

Long-period comets are balls of dust, rock and ice that are on highly eccentric trajectories around the Sun. They may take hundreds, thousands or in some cases even millions of years to complete one orbit.

The extinction event 65 million years ago is now widely associated with the space impact at Chicxulub. It killed off about 70% of all species on Earth in just a short period of time, most notably the non-avian dinosaurs.

The enormous collision would have triggered fires, earthquakes and huge tsunamis. The dust and gas thrown up into the atmosphere would have depressed global temperatures for several years. Read more…..www.bbc.co.uk

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Imagine Dragons – Radioactive

Imagine Dragons – Radioactive

Imagine Dragons - Radioactive

After the last note played on the last song of a marathon set a few years ago, Dan Reynolds, frontman for Las Vegas based rockers Imagine Dragons, realized it was all starting to come together. “We were playing a gig at this place called O’Sheas, which has the cheapest beer on the strip,” Reynolds remembers. “I was basically standing on top of the drums, the stage was so small. We were on our final song of a six-hour set. I got to the end of the song and just fully passed out in the middle of singing. I came to, got up, finished the song, and we got a standing ovation from all these people at this tiny little casino at three am on a weekday in Vegas. Something about that moment bonded us and made us realize that we were building a connection with people from all over the country.”

Since then that connection has only grown. Reynolds and his bandmates – guitarist Wayne Sermon, bassist Ben McKee, and drummer Daniel Platzman – independently released three EPs, toured extensively, earning a grass roots following. Then, earlier this year, the band made their major label debut with the release of their Continued Silence EP, which included the breakthrough single “It’s Time,” an anthemic foot-stomping track that perfectly encapsulates the band’s unvarnished emotional sound. The song, which reached #3 at Modern Rock radio and #2 at AAA, earned the group a 2012 MTV VMA nomination for “Best Rock Video.” With the groundswell of energy “It’s Time” generated, Imagine Dragons are now preparing for the release of their full-length debut, Night Visions, available on Grammy award winning producer Alex Da Kid’s (Eminem, Rihanna) label, KIDinaKORNER. “This record has been three years in the making,” Reynolds explains of his excitement in finally getting to share the album with the world. “We feel that we have finally created something we are all truly proud of and that can hopefully inspire others and help them feel a little less alone. That’s what music is about. It’s the greatest communicator I know.”

Emotional struggle is central to Imagine Dragons ethos. From the beginning it’s been the group’s goal to take the pain they’ve each experienced in life and spin it into something redemptive and uplifting. That transformation – of emotional pain into art – is what drives them as people and it’s also what inspired their first hit. “I wrote It”s Time during a very transitional period in my life,” Reynolds recalls. “It seemed like everything was going wrong. I was trying to decide what I wanted to do with my life, trying to figure out how seriously to take music. I was making decisions about who I was. I’m a pretty young guy and I’m still trying to figure out the answer to those questions.”

That balance between riding steady and risking it all is the core tension at the heart of Imagine Dragons’ sound and their identity and it’s a reflection of the city they call home. “Our band wouldn’t exist without Las Vegas,” Reynolds says simply. “It’s a great place for an artist to start out.” Sin City isn’t known as a creative hotbed but, weirdly, that works to the advantage of the musicians who live there. “It’s not oversaturated,” he explains. “As a new band you play the casinos – half covers, half your own stuff – and you make ends meet. We were able to rent a band house and support ourselves. Eating ramen, but still.” Eking out a living as a Vegas rocker might be relatively easy but competition is cutthroat because the city is like boot camp for performers. Unlike in New York or LA where your biggest concern is being the hottest rock act around, in Las Vegas you’ve got to compete with showgirls and roulette and Cher at the Caesars Palace. “You learn to stand out because you’re competing for the attention of people sitting at slot machines,” Reynolds explains. “You have to bring everything you have and learn what grabs people’s attention enough that they look up from the card table and say, hey, let’s check this out!”

Read more…..imaginedragonsmusic.com

Picture source…..mindequalsblown.net

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Toto – Africa

Toto – Africa

Toto - Africa

The experienced Los Angeles, USA-based session team of David Paich (25 June 1954, Los Angeles, California, USA; keyboards, vocals, son of Marty Paich), Jeff Porcaro (b. Jeffrey Thomas Porcaro, 1 April 1954, Hartford, Connecticut, USA, d. 5 August 1992, Holden Hills, California, USA; drums), Steve Lukather (b. Steven Lee Lukather, 21 October 1957, San Fernando Valley, California, USA; guitar), Steve Porcaro (b. Steven Maxwell Porcaro, 2 September 1957, Hartford, Connecticut, USA; keyboards, vocals) and David Hungate (b. Texas, USA; bass) decided in 1976 to begin functioning in their own right after years of blithe dedication to the music of others on tour and disc. They brought in Louisiana-based singer Bobby Kimball (b. Robert Troy Kimball, 29 March 1947, Orange, Texas, USA) to complete the line-up of Toto, a name chosen to encompass the band’s collective abilities.

The band signed a contract with Columbia Records and managed to persuade over a million buyers to snap up their first two albums, but, overall, this rather faceless band met moderate success with moderate records – penned mainly by Paich – on which polished, close-milked vocal harmonies floated effortlessly over layers of treated sound. Toto (1978) was attended by a smash hit in ‘Hold The Line’ (US number 5, UK number 14), but the band’s most commercial period was 1982/3 when the Grammy Award-winning Toto IV generated two international hits with the atmospheric ‘Africa’ (US number 1/UK number 3) and ‘Rosanna’ (US number 2/UK number 12), as well as the US number 10 single, ‘I Won’t Hold You Back’. The latter won Grammys for Record Of The Year, Best Pop Vocal Performance and Best Instrumental Arrangement (nearly 20 years later, it also provided a memorable vocal sample for DJ Roger Sanchez’s chart-topping single, ‘Another Chance’).

The following year, Kimball and Hungate were replaced by, respectively, Fergie Frederiksen (b. Dennis Hardy Frederiksen, 15 May 1951, Wyoming, Michigan, USA) and Mike Porcaro (b. 29 May 1955, USA). Sales of Isolation and the band’s soundtrack to the science fiction movie Dune were poor, but some lost ground was regained when it became known that Toto were responsible for the backing track of USA For Africa’s single ‘We Are The World’. With a new lead singer in Joseph Williams (b. 1 September 1960, USA, and the son of soundtrack composer John Williams), the band reached number 11 in the US with ‘I’ll Be Over You’, a composition by Lukather and Randy Goodrum from 1986’s Fahrenheit. Two years later ‘Pamela’, produced to the expected slick standards by Earth, Wind And Fire’s George Massenburg and Little Feat’s Bill Payne, reached US number 22.

By then, Steve Porcaro had returned to employment in the studios from which Toto had emerged, although he continued to work with the band on their studio albums. In 1990, Jean-Michel Byron (b. Byron DuPlessis, South Africa) briefly replaced Williams, before Lukather became the band’s vocalist. Jeff Porcaro died in 1992 after a heart attack caused by an allergic reaction to pesticide. His replacement on subsequent UK dates was British session drummer Simon Phillips (b. 6 February 1957, London, England). In 1995, the band released the blues-tinged Tambu, which attempted to steer their sound away from mainstream pop/rock. Bobby Kimball returned as lead vocalist in 1999, although the same year’s Mindfields was disappointing and proved to be their final release for Columbia. Subsequent releases have included the covers album Through The Looking Glass (2002) and Falling In Between (2006). The latter featured second keyboardist Greg Phillinganes (b. Gregory Phillinganes, Detroit, Michigan, USA), who had originally joined the band as tour cover for Paich. Bio source…..www.oldies.com

Picture source…..www.moondancejam.com

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Ali Campbell Biography

Ali Campbell Biography

Ali Campbell Biography

Ali Campbell was born February 15 1959 in Birmingham, UK. After leaving school he and some friends decided to form a band. In humorous reference to their unemployed status, they named themselves after the unemployment benefit claim form (UB40). The band’s instruments were all purchased thanks to a £4,000 compensation award that Ali received after a bar fight, and the band played their first gig at the Hare & Hounds pub in Birmingham.

Ali grew up in an area of Birmingham with a predominantly afro-Caribbean population, which heavily influenced his musical tastes. Although a huge fan of Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder, (he modelled his singing style on both their voices), his biggest love was reggae, and so UB40 became the first all-white reggae band. This prompted many Ali Campbell tour tickets to be sold, initially for the novelty value alone.

Soon afterward, the boys were spotted by Pretenders’ lead singer Chrissie Hyndes, who invited them to support her band on their upcoming tour. This led to a recording contract, Ali Campbell tickets for promotional gigs, and their debut single, King/Food for Thought. In 1980, their first album, Signing Off, reached number two in the UK, remaining in the charts for seventy-two weeks. Now the best UB40 tickets were hard to get – and more expensive!

In 1983, they released a covers album, Labour of Love, which topped the UK charts, gave them their first US hit and increased demand for UB40 tour tickets. Their most successful singles were (I Can’t Help) Falling In Love With You, and Red, Red Wine and even new fans purchasing Ali Campbell tickets clamoured to hear these old classics.

UB40 were still going strong twenty years after the band formed; UB40 tour tickets continued to sell-out, and they even won an Ivor Novello Award for International Achievement. In 2007, the band headlined the Live Earth concert in Johannesburg, performing a 54-minute set – these were some of the best UB40 tickets to get your hands on.

Soon after, blaming disputes with management, Ali quit the band but demand for the best UB40 tickets remained high, prompting Campbell to release a solo album later that year, Running Free, featuring such guest artists as Smoky Robinson and Mick Hucknall, prompting sales of Ali Campbell tickets to rival UB40’s in popularity. In 2008, after forming a new band called Dep with fellow ex-UB40 member Mickey Virtue, he embarked on an international tour, launched with a sell-out concert at the Albert Hall. The demand for Ali Campbell tickets were at this point at an all time high, and would tour tickets often sold out in no time. While in South Africa, Ali helped record the single Many Rivers to Cross on behalf of Nelson Mandela’s Goal4Africa campaign, to fund education for children in rural Africa, again rejuvenating sales of Ali Campbell tickets.

In 2009, Ali’s single Out From Under was released, and in 2010, his follow-up album Flying High had a mix of covers and self-penned tracks, featuring Craig David and Shaggy. This received some of the most favourable reviews of Ali’s career to date, and caused a resurgence in Ali Campbell tour tickets sales; one reviewer raved that it captured the authentic contemporary sound of Jamaica.

Bio source…..www.eventim.co.uk

Picture source…..images1.fanpop.com

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