Dog’s wife Beth has warrant out for arrest

Dog’s wife Beth has warrant out for arrest

Dog's wife Beth has warrant out for arrest

Dog the bounty hunter‘s wife, Beth, has a warrant out for her arrest in Colorado. This is really out of the norm for this reality TV star, who is usually on the hunt to drag folks in for jumping bail. While Dog and Beth were on a fishing trip in Colorado, they ran into an unruly group of teens, according to¬†MStars¬†on July 28, 2013.

Beth and Dog were fishing when a car sped by with a group of teens inside. Beth allegedly yelled at the kids for their recklessness. Beth called 911 only after she saw that one of this group was carrying a gun and he had his hand on the grip. When police got there, Beth and Dog had left the area, but could you blame them, especially with a gun in the mix?

The teens put in a complaint about Beth yelling at them, saying she called one of the passengers a “tramp” and a “whore.” Under Colorado State law apparently the use of “coarse language” along with “taunting or challenging someone” is a crime, according to the website.

The warrant for this complaint was issued only because the police tried to get a hold of Beth to talk with her about the complaint, but she didn’t call them back. The Chapman’s lawyer has called the Colorado police to say that Beth would be turning herself in.

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