Poor Old T-Rex

Poor Old T-Rex is one of the largest dinosaurs that ever lived, Tyrannosaurus rex was a fierce carnivore. Scientists believe this powerful predator could eat up to 500 pounds (230 kilograms) of meat in one bite.

Poor Old T-Rex Everytime I'm Sad, I Imagine A T-Rex Trying to Put A Hat On

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Fast Facts

40 ft (12 m) long; 15 to 20 ft (4.6 to 6 m) tall
Protection status:
Extinct: Poor Old T-Rex
Did you know?
Tyrannosaurusmeans “tyrant lizard.”
Size relative to a bus:
Illustration:Tyrannosaurus rex compared with bus

Tyrannosaurus rex was one of the largest meat-eating dinosaurs that ever lived. Everything about this ferocious predator, from its thick, heavy skull to its 4-foot-long     (1.2-meter-long) jaw, was designed for maximum bone-crushing action.

Fossil evidence shows thatTyrannosaurus was about 40 feet (12 meters) long and about 15 to 20 feet (4.6 to 6 meters) tall. Its strong thighs and long, powerful tail helped it move quickly, and its massive 5-foot-long (1.5-meter-long) skull could bore into prey.

T. rex‘s serrated, conical teeth were most likely used to pierce and grip flesh, which it then ripped away with its brawny neck muscles. Its two-fingered forearms could probably seize prey, but they were too short to reach its mouth.

Scientists believe this powerful predator could eat up to 500 pounds (230 kilograms) of meat in one bite. Fossils of T. rex prey, including Triceratops andEdmontosaurus, suggest T. rex crushed and broke bones as it ate, and broken bones have been found in its dung.

Tyrannosaurus rex lived in forested river valleys in North America during the late Cretaceous period. It became extinct about 65 million years ago in the Cretaceous-Tertiary mass extinction.

More than 30 specimens of Tyrannosaurus rex have been identified, some of which are nearly complete skeletons.

Source:   http://animals.nationalgeographic.com.au/animals/prehistoric/tyrannosaurus-rex/

Poor Old T-Rex [Tyrannosaurus rex]

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USA/Canada Border – Derby Line Vermont

The town of Derby Line Vermont straddles the US/Canada border.The border passes right through the town, even through some buildings and homes. In some cases, a family at home cooks its meals in one country and eats them in the other. Derby Line Vermont is also home to the Haskell Free Library and Opera House, which was purposely built on the border. The opera stage is in Canada, but the entrance to the opera, and most of the stage seats, are in the United States. Because the building straddles the border, it has two mailing addresses, one for the US and one for Canada.

Derby Line Vermont

Source:  http://www.theworldgeography.com/2011/03/10-most-bizarre-borders-around-world.html

On the Canadian side, Kathy Prue bent to greet Paulina Carpenter, 5, for story time at The Haskell Free Library and Opera House.

Derby Line Vermont. — Residents of this town and neighboring Stanstead, Quebec, are proud of the elegant granite hall that straddles the border between them. It is their rarest jewel: The Haskell Free Library and Opera House, built a century ago as a symbol of friendship between the United States and Canada and shared ever since by citizens of the two countries.

Canadians and Americans borrow books and watch plays side by side at the library, which was deliberately built half in one country and half in the other. No guards are stationed on the quiet, shady streets around the building, and Canadians who cross into Vermont to enter the library do not need to show their passports at a border station, as they do when crossing for any other purpose. Inside the library, where a strip of black tape on the floor marks the international boundary, patrons wander unchecked between the two countries on their way from the stacks to the birch-paneled reading room.

But smugglers of illegal immigrants have begun to notice the unique features of the neighborhood, say agents from both countries who enforce the border in the area, located less than a minute’s drive from Interstate 91.

Smugglers are taking advantage of three unguarded side streets near the library to ferry human cargo in both directions, border officials say. The streets must be closed to traffic, officials insist, to help them stem a rising tide of illegal immigration.

The plan has provoked an emotional outcry in these two small border towns, where people pride themselves on their easy coexistence. Their countries may be preoccupied with terrorism and the need for tighter borders, but here, many residents say the change would break down their most valued traditions.

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Old Is When……Share With The Old Folks You May Know

Old Is When – Jokes About The Old Folks

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A lady goes to the bar on a cruise ship and orders a Scotch with two drops of water.

As the bartender gives her the drink she says ‘I’m on this cruise to celebrate my 80th birthday and it’s today.’

The bartender says ‘Well, since it’s your birthday, I’ll buy you a drink. In fact, this one is on me.’

As the woman finishes her drink The woman to her right says ‘I would like to buy you a drink, too.’

The old woman says ‘Thank you. Bartender, I want a Scotch with two drops of water.’

‘Coming up’ says the bartender  As she finishes that drink, The man to her left says

‘I would like to buy you one, too.’ The old woman says ‘Thank you.

Bartender, I want another Scotch with two drops of water.’ ‘Coming right up’ the bartender says. As he gives her the drink,he says ‘Ma’am, I’m dying of curiosity.

Why the Scotch with only two drops of water?’

The old woman replies

‘Sonny, when you’re my age, You’ve learned how to hold your liquor… Holding your water, however, is a whole other issue.’


‘OLD’ IS WHEN…. Your sweetie says ‘Let’s go upstairs and make love’

And you answer: ‘Pick one, I can’t do both

‘OLD’ IS WHEN… Your friends compliment you On your new alligator shoes

And you’re barefoot!

‘OLD’ IS WHEN… A sexy babe or hunk catches your fancy …

And your pacemaker opens the garage door

‘OLD’ IS WHEN… Going braless pulls all the wrinkles out of your face.

‘OLD’ IS WHEN….You don’t care where your spouse goes … Just as long as you don’t have to go along.

‘OLD’ IS WHEN… You are cautioned to slow down by the doctor instead of by the police

‘OLD’ IS WHEN..’Getting a little action’ Means you don’t need to take any fibre today

‘OLD’ IS WHEN…’Getting lucky’ means you find your car … In the parking lot.

‘OLD’ IS WHEN…An ‘all nighter’ means not getting up to use the bathroom.


‘OLD’ IS WHEN…..You are not sure these are jokes!

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Man Of The House – A Guide For Husbands Looking For Trouble

Man Of The House – A Guide For Husbands Looking For Trouble

A husband had just finished reading a new book entitled,

“You Can Be THE Man of Your House.”

He stormed to his wife in the kitchen and announced,

“From now on, you need to know that I am the man of this house and my word is Law.

You will prepare me a gourmet meal tonight, and when I’m done eating my meal, you will serve me a scrumptious dessert.  

After dinner, you are going to go upstairs with me and we will have the kind of sex that I want!

Afterwards, you are going to draw me a bath so I can relax. You will wash my back and towel me dry and bring me my robe. Then, you will massage my feet and hands. Then tomorrow, guess who’s going to dress me and comb my hair?”


The wife replied, “The ‘ f#@!%*g’  funeral director would be my first guess.”

Man Of The House - A Guide For Husbands Looking For Trouble

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Keep It Real – Nothing Lasts Forever Marilyn Monroe

Keep It Real – Nothing Lasts Forever “Marilyn Monroe”

Marilyn Monroe

Norma Jeane Baker (previously DoughertyDiMaggio and Miller, born Norma Jeane Mortenson; June 1, 1926 – August 5, 1962), known as Marilyn Monroe, was an American actress, model, singer and television personality, who became a major sex symbol, starring in a number of commercially successful motion pictures during the 1950s and early 1960s.

After spending much of her childhood in foster homes, Monroe began a career as a model, which led to a film contract in 1946 with Twentieth Century-Fox. Her early film appearances were minor, but her performances in The Asphalt Jungle and All About Eve (both 1950), drew attention.
By 1952 she had her first leading role in Don’t Bother to Knock and 1953 brought a lead in Niagara, a melodramatic film noir that dwelt on her seductiveness. Her “dumb blonde” persona was used to comic effect in subsequent films such as Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953), How to Marry a Millionaire (1953) and The Seven Year Itch (1955).
Limited by typecasting, Monroe studied at the Actors Studio to broaden her range. Her dramatic performance in Bus Stop (1956) was hailed by critics and garnered a Golden Globe nomination. Her production company, Marilyn Monroe Productions, released The Prince and the Showgirl (1957), for which she received a BAFTA Award nomination and won a David di Donatello award.
She received a Golden Globe Award for her performance in Some Like It Hot (1959). Monroe’s last completed film was The Misfits (1961), co-starring Clark Gable with screenplay by her then-husband, Arthur Miller.

The final years of Monroe’s life were marked by illness, personal problems, and a reputation for unreliability and being difficult to work with.
The circumstances of her death, from an overdose of barbiturates, have been the subject of conjecture. Though officially classified as a “probable suicide”, the possibility of an accidental overdose, as well as of homicide, have not been ruled out. In 1999, Monroe was ranked as the sixth-greatest female star of all time by the American Film Institute.
In the decades following her death, she has often been cited as both a pop and a cultural icon as well as the quintessential   American sex symbol.
In 2009, TV Guide Network named her #1 in Film’s Sexiest Women of All Time.

Source:      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marilyn_Monroe

Keep It Real – Nothing Lasts Forever “Marilyn Monroe”

Extinct Reptile Named After President Obama; ‘Obamadon gracilissmall’ Lizards Died off 65 Million Years Ago

Extinct Reptile Named After President Obama


Whether or not President Obama will make it to Mount Rushmore is debatable…but he’ll have at least one lasting historical artifact that will pay him homage.

Scientists have named an extinct lizard, which died out 65 million years ago, after President Obama. The fossil of what scientists dub Obamadon gracilis, a small insect-eating lizard, was discovered by scientists at Yale and Harvard universities after they re-examined fossil collections from across the country, according to the Boston Globe.

According to Nicholas Longrich, a Yale paleontologist, the team had been restudying the fossils in order to find out what killed the dinosaurs. In the process, they had discovered several new species that were not previously known to the scientific community.

The lizard bearing President Obama’s name is described as being a small creature with a slender jaw. However, as Longrich told the Globe, the naming of the lizard after the president almost didn’t happen.

“I was seriously thinking, if the election had gone the other way, I would have yanked it,” Longrich said. “It might have seemed like we were mocking it, naming a lizard that goes extinct after that, seemed kind of cruel.”

But aside from paying tribute to President Obama, the research team’s findings, published Monday in the science journal titled the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, believes that lizards and snakes may not have been as fortunate in surviving the extinction of dinosaurs–long thought to have been triggered by an enormous Chicxulub asteroid crash-landing to Earth–as scientists believed.

“This is a bit speculative, but the ecosystem basically collapses when there’s not enough sunlight to make new leaves. No new plants growing, everything kind of starves, and in that situation I would imagine, maybe what you’ve got going on is dead, rotting plant material, dying, rotting dinosaurs, and probably a lot of maggots and beetles and grubs that are eating all that dead material,” Longrich said. “Animals that can eat the insects are maybe what’s surviving, so insectivores which tend to be smaller” can survive.

While small lizards and snakes may have gotten lucky, Longrich’s team theorizes that at least 83 percent of snakes and lizards may have died during the extinction.

“The lizards that dominate today get their start after the extinction-they radiate in the aftermath,” Longrich said, according to Yahoo! News. “But that said, the radiation takes a long time.”
Read more at http://www.latinospost.com/articles/8027/20121210/extinct-reptile-named-president-obama-obamadon-gracilissmall.htm#bYULKtCchp5dC8wy.99

Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs Also Wiped out the ‘Obamadon’

Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs Also Wiped out the ‘Obamadon’

Asteroid That Killed the Dinosaurs Also Wiped out the Obamadon

Dec. 10, 2012 — The asteroid collision widely thought to have killed the dinosaurs also led to extreme devastation among snake and lizard species, according to new research — including the extinction of a newly identified lizard Yale and Harvard scientists have named Obamadon gracilis.

“The asteroid event is typically thought of as affecting the dinosaurs primarily,” said Nicholas R. Longrich, a postdoctoral associate with Yale’s Department of Geology and Geophysics and lead author of the study. “But it basically cut this broad swath across the entire ecosystem, taking out everything. Snakes and lizards were hit extremely hard.”

The study was scheduled for online publication the week of Dec. 10 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Earlier studies have suggested that some snake and lizard species (as well as many mammals, birds, insects and plants) became extinct after the asteroid struck Earth 65.5 million years ago, on the edge of the Yucatan Peninsula. But the new research argues that the collision’s consequences were far more serious for snakes and lizards than previously understood. As many as 83 percent of all snake and lizard species died off, the researchers said — and the bigger the creature, the more likely it was to become extinct, with no species larger than one pound surviving.

The results are based on a detailed examination of previously collected snake and lizard fossils covering a territory in western North America stretching from New Mexico in the southwestern United States to Alberta, Canada. The authors examined 21 previously known species and also identified nine new lizards and snakes.

Read More:      http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/12/121210160842.htm





Could Porcupine Quills Help Us Design the Next Hypodermic Needle?

Could Porcupine Quills Help Us Design the Next Hypodermic Needle

Could Porcupine Quills Help Us Design the Next Hypodermic Needle


A new study shows that microscopic barbs allow porcupine quills to slice into flesh easily and stay there stubbornly. Image via Jeffrey Karp

If you’ve ever had a violent encounter with a porcupine, it probably didn’t end well. The large rodents are most well-known for the coat of some 30,000 barbed quills that cover their backs, an evolutionary adaptation to protect against predators. Although they appear thin—even flimsy—once quills lodge in your flesh, they’re remarkably difficult and painful to get out.

Recently, a group of scientists led by Jeffrey Karp of Harvard decided to closely investigate just what makes these quills so effective. As they report in an article published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, their analysis revealed a specialized microscopic barbed structure that enables the quills to slide into tissue extremely easily but cling to it stubbornly once it’s in place.

porcupine barbs

A microscopic image of a porcupine quill’s barbs. Image via Jeffrey Karp

Each cylindrical quill, it turns out, is coated with backwards-facing barbs interspersed with smooth, scale-like structures. When a porcupine brushes up against an adversary (or against anything else), it sheds its quills; the barbs around the circumference of the quill act like the teeth on a slicing serrated knife, providing a cleaner cut into tissue and making penetration easier. Once the quill has dug into the other animal, these same barbs have the opposite effect, lifting up and preventing the needle from sliding out easily.

The researchers took a rather interesting approach to arrive at these findings: They measured how much force it took to push in and pull out porcupine quills into pig skin and raw chicken meat. They then performed the same experiment with other quills, which they’d rendered smooth by carefully sanding off all the barbs.

All this research had a greater purpose than merely satisfying the authors’ curiosity about porcupines. Like velcro (inspired by plants’ burrs that get stuck on your clothing) and tape-based adhesives (inspired by the sticky coating on geckos’ hands and feet), the scientists studied the characteristics that made the barbs so effective in hopes of developing next-generation hypodermic needles.

If one could be designed that would require less force to penetrate human tissue, it might mean less pain with your next flu shot. The quills’ staying power could be useful for needles that need to stay in place for a longer period of time, like an I.V. drip.

As a proof-of-principle, the team made replica porcupine quills made out of plastic and put them through the same battery of tests on tissue and skin. The plastic quills worked like a charm. The researchers speculate that such technology could someday be incorporated into a range of medical applications beyond hypodermic needles, such as staples that hold wounds together during healing and adhesives used to hold drug delivery systems in place.


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Mars rover ‘shake and bake’ cooks up a carbon mystery

Curiosity has detected organic compounds on Mars, after cooking them up itself <i>(Image: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS)</i>

Mars rover ‘shake and bake’ cooks up a carbon mystery

NASA’s Curiosity rover has tasted carbon in Martian soil, sparking speculation as to its origin, and has also found that Mars prefers its hydrogen heavy.
A TANTALISING whiff of carbon-based compounds has been picked up by NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover. But it’s still not clear whether the eagerly awaited results are revealing the true chemical nature of Mars or are instead the products of Earthly contaminants.

One of the goals of the NASA rover, which landed on the Red Planet on 6 August, is to search for signs that Mars might once have had the means to support life. One clue would be organics – carbon-containing compounds that are the building blocks of life as we know it. During Curiosity’s first “meals” of Martian soil, baked inside the robot’s ovens, carbon and hydrogen were found to have reacted with chlorine, creating organic molecules.

This taste of carbon is intriguing, but it is a far cry from recent feverish speculation that the rover had found definitive evidence for organic compounds on Mars.
“The rover has made this detection of simple organic compounds,” says project scientist John Grotzinger of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California. But crucially, the rover only detected them after cooking them up. The mystery now is: where did it find that key ingredient – carbon?

Read more:    http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg21628944.000-mars-rover-shake-and-bake-cooks-up-a-carbon-mystery.html