Rangitane – Te Runanga a Rangitane O Wairau

Rangitane – Te Runanga a Rangitane O Wairau

Rangitane - Te Runanga a Rangitane O Wairau

Te Runanga a Rangitane O Wairau was first established in 1861 by leading Rangitane of the time as a forum for representing the land issues arising from landlessness amongst the Maori of Marlborough. Since then Te Runanga a Rangitane O Wairau (referred to as The Runanga) has continued to provide representation for Rangitane Iwi members and advocate on a range of social and political issues affecting Maori – particularly Rangitane.

The main administrative base for the Runanga is located in the CBD of Blenheim on the fourth floor of what was formally the Blenheim Post Office. The Runanga is the mandated Iwi authority for the South Island section of Rangitane Iwi under an array of statutes and regulations, providing management services for the small parcel of commercial and customary fisheries and some lesser services under minor enactments, claims settlements and discrete social services .

Rangitane’s vision for the future is to be a dynamic, effective, successful and profitable organisation working proactively and collegially with Government, community agencies and other Iwi across the region and Te Waipounamu. Rangitane will be committed to the development and promotion of honesty, integrity, and within a Maori context aspire to be the Iwi of the first choice within Marlborough for those individuals and agencies seeking to engage with creditable and competent Maori cultural perspective.

Our ability to endure all manner of deprivation over the last century has been due to a strong belief in our identity as Rangitane. There are approximately 1400 members currently registered as members of Te Runanga a Rangitane O Wairau, and it is expected that this will increase by 45% over the next three years.

As a consequence of this the most precious asset that will require nurturing and development in the future is that of our membership.

Article source…..www.rangitane.org.nz

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