180 Natural Protein Superfood

180 Natural Protein Superfood

180 Natural Protein Superfood

Protein powders and shakes to build strength

While checking out protein powders and shakes to build the strength of chronically ill clients, fitness trainer Guy Lawrence was shocked to discover how many contained sugar, preservatives and synthetic chemicals.

As a result, he decided to muscle in on the industry himself by calling on the help of a nutritionist and health industry practitioner to create a formula using natural, organic and raw ingredients.

The nutritional supplement industry is awash with products and jam packed full of hype about the next “big thing”. You know how it works: you commit to getting fitter, losing weight and some days, just wanting to feel like you have enough energy to face life’s challenges.

I know you care about your health and fitness, and you understand the benefits of ensuring that your body has the right fuel to deliver on the promises that your head makes.

If you believe that 100% natural nutrition products are better for you than products packed with preservatives, chemicals and artificial flavours and colours then you are in the right place as we have a product that could tick all of your boxes.

Imagine a protein supplement that contains only pure ingredients, completely free of all fillers, thickeners, sugars and preservatives.
A supplement that contains essential micro nutrients, antioxidants and fibre to assist metabolic rates and keep your digestive system functioning at optimum levels, a protein supplement that is actually healthy for you!

The formula for 180 Natural Protein Superfood – which can also be used by slimmers as a meal substitute – includes grass-fed whey protein isolate, flaxseed, almond meal, sunflower kernels and sesame and chia seeds, all sourced in Australia and New Zealand.
From zero to hero. Unravel the myths around health and nutrition and greatly improve vitality, body shape and energy.

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