Millie Tizzard and D At Sea

Millie Tizzard and D At Sea

Doyle Perez, also known as ‘D at Sea’ was recently signed by UNFD. He first gained attention in 2012 when his acoustic cover of Parkway Drives ‘Carrion’ became a viral sensation, and racked up almost 700,000 views.

Doyle has even managed to tour around Australia and sell out shows, ‘It’s awesome. It’s cool to visit a place I’ve never been to and have a couple hundred people come chill. I only have a small handful of friends, so it’s good it’s not just my friends being nice to me.’ He laughed.

Doyle first found an interest in music when he heard Blink 182 on the radio, he claims that it definitely sparked something. ‘My best friend Ed was always showing me new music. I started playing guitar at around 17.’

Doyle enjoys singing because it is a great way to express himself, it’s fun and feels good. He drew his musical inspiration from general life, family and friends. ‘I’ve been given an opportunity, I’d be crazy not to take it.’

His new single ‘December’ is up online for a free download. ‘To me, ‘December’ is an escape. I was in a dark place mentally when I wrote the song. The idea actually sparked after several anxiety attacks. I needed a meditative process to break them.’ Says Doyle.

Doyle’s debut EP ‘Unconcious’ was  released worldwide on Friday 8th March. According to Doyle, his EP is pretty chill. There is a good variation of songs on there, it’s different to what people have heard from him so far.

‘More music! More tours!’ Doyle claims is the big plans for the future, so keep updated with Doyle on his facebook and website.

‘I should probably buy a guitar. Might be a good idea! I still don’t own an acoustic. I’ve been borrowing my girlfriend, Millie Tizzard’s guitar ever since I started D at Sea, haha! Thank you, Millie!’