Imagine Dragons Dedicate Demons clip to Tyler Robinson

Imagine Dragons Dedicate Demons clip to Tyler Robinson

Imagine Dragons Dedicate Demons clip to Tyler Robinson

Breakout band Imagine Dragons has released an emotional music video for new single “Demons.” They dedicate the clip to 17-year-old fan Tyler Robinson, who recently succumbed to cancer.

The video depicts images of Imagine Dragons performing the song at a hometown show in Las Vegas. Their stage performance clips are juxtaposed with scenes of audience members thinking about their own personal demons; an American soldier recalls harrowing moments on the battlefield; another person deals with the secrets of domestic violence.

At the video’s conclusion, director Isaac Halasima has added a snippet from a clip created by Tyler Robinson’s brother Jesse, showing the band dedicating their hit “It’s Time” to Tyler in concert. Frontman Dan Reynolds gives the microphone to the elated fan to sing along with him.

“This video is a memory of the great man that he is,” Jesse Robinson commented about Reynolds on his YouTube post of the special moment between his brother and the Imagine Dragons singer.

The “Demons” clip comes with a link for fans who want to donate to the Tyler Robinson Foundation, which “is dedicated to providing financial assistance to families with children battling cancer.”

Imagine Dragons has a slew of tour dates throughout the spring and summer supporting their Night Visions album, including stops at such U.S. music festivals as KROQ’s Weenie Roast in Los Angeles on May 19, the Milwaukee Summerfest on June 19 and Chicago’sLollapalooza on August 2.

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