Bob Marley and The Wailers – No Women No Cry

Bob Marley and The Wailers – No Women No Cry

Bob Marley and The Wailers - No Women No Cry

As a poet, prophet and purveyor of Jamaican culture, he shattered musical boundaries around the world.

Bob Marley was born in a small village called Nine Miles in Jamaica. The son of British Naval Officer and Jamaican woman called Cedella, Marley rarely saw his father due to his mother’s family and their disapproval of his parents relationship.

By the time he had turned 16, Marley had recorded his first single ‘Judge Not’, and in 1963, he formed The Wailers with Peter Tosh, Bunny Livingstone, Junior Braithwaite, and Beverly Kelso. The band then scored their first number one in Jamaica with ‘Simmer Down’ on the Coxsone label.

When Braithwaite and Kelso left the group around 1965, the Wailers continued as a trio, Marley, Tosh, and Livingstone trading leads. In spite of the popularity of singles like ‘Rude Boy’, the artists received few or no royalties, and in 1966 they disbanded.

After marrying his girlfriend Rita Anderson, Marley spent most of the following year working in a factory in Newark in the United States, where his mother had moved in 1963. Upon his return to Jamaica, the Wailers reunited and recorded for Coxsone with little success. During this period, the Wailers devoted themselves to the religious sect of Rastafari.

In 1969, they began a three-year association with Lee “Scratch” Perry, who directed them to play their own instruments and expanded their line-up to include Aston and Carlton Barrett, formerly the rhythm section of Perry’s studio band, the Upsetters. Some of the records they made with Perry – like ‘Trenchtown Rock’ – were locally very popular, but so precarious was the Jamaican record industry that the group seemed no closer than before to establishing steady careers. It formed an independent record company, Tuff Gong, in 1971, but the venture foundered when Livingstone was jailed and Marley got caught in a contract commitment to American pop singer Johnny Nash, who took him to Sweden to write a film score.

Their breakthrough came in 1972 when Chris Blackwell – who had released ‘Judge Not’ in England in 1963 – signed the Wailers to Island Records and advanced them the money to record themselves in Jamaica. The first result of this new contract was 1973’s ‘Catch A Fire’, the breakthrough album that saw the band reach an international audience for the first time. It was followed a year later by Burnin’, which included the songs “Get Up, Stand Up” and “I Shot The Sheriff”.

The band toured heavily during this period, and Marley expanded the instrumental section of the group and bringing in a female vocal trio, the I-Threes, which included his wife, Rita. Now called Bob Marley and the Wailers, they toured Europe, Africa, and the Americas, building especially strong followings in the U.K., Scandinavia, and Africa. They had U.K. Top 40 hits with ‘No Woman No Cry’ (1975), ‘Exodus’ (1977), ‘Waiting in Vain’ (1977), and ‘Satisfy My Soul’ (1978).

In 1976, Marley was shot by gunmen during the Jamaican election campaign, but survived and continued to soar in popularity until his 1981 death due to brain, lung and stomach cancer. In 1987, both Peter Tosh and longtime Marley drummer Carlton Barrett were murdered in Jamaica during separate incidents. Rita Marley continues to tour, record, and run the Tuff Gong studios and record company.

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U2 – Where The Streets Have No Name

U2 – Where The Streets Have No Name

U2 - Where The Streets Have No Name

One of only a few bands to achieve consistent commercial and critical success across three decades, U2 has charted success on its own terms on both the artistic and business sides of the music industry. From the band’s earliest days in Dublin, Ireland, to the present, U2 has broken free from the traditional limitations of what a rock band — and rock music — could and couldn’t do. By combining an original sound with honest lyrics and a challenging social message, U2 has earned the respect of their peers and critics, and an almost fanatical following of fans around the world. This is their story.

U2 formed in Dublin in the fall of 1976 after 14-year-old Larry Mullen, Jr. posted a note on the bulletin board at his high school seeking musicians for a new band. From the group of hopefuls that showed up at Mullen’s home that first day, a five-piece known originally as “Feedback” formed with Mullen (born October 31, 1961) on drums, Adam Clayton (born March 13, 1960) on bass, Paul Hewson (later nicknamed “Bono Vox” and eventually just “Bono”, born May 10, 1960) on vocals, and Dave Evans (later nicknamed “The Edge”, born August 8, 1961) on guitar. Dave’s brother, Dick, also played guitar for a while, but left Feedback very early on to join another Dublin band, the Virgin Prunes.

Feedback quickly changed their name to “The Hype,” and began rehearsing on weekends and after school as often as possible, forming genuine friendships and developing an undeniable chemistry in the process. After nearly 18 months of rehearsing, the band’s big break came at a talent show in Limerick, Ireland, in March, 1978. With CBS Records’ Jackie Hayden judging, U2 (they had just changed their name again) won the contest, earning a £500 prize and studio time to record their first demo.

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No pills No drugs and No bad side effects

No pills No drugs and No bad side effects

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Lou Bega – Mambo No 5

Lou Bega – Mambo No 5

Lou Bega - Mambo No 5

How everything started:

In 1999 the Mambo fever which broke out in Germany arrives in more than 20 countries world-wide: “Mambo No.5” is #1 of the charts, hit of the year, newcomer of the year and all radio stations play the song again and again. Within short time Lou Bega infects the whole globe with “Mambo No.5”.

With his debut album “A little bit of Mambo” Lou Bega enters the top positions of the charts world-wide. In USA the successful album reaches #3 of the Billboard album charts. “A little bit of Mambo” is sold more than 7 million times world-wide. Only in USA he sold more than 3.5 million exemplars. His second single “I got a girl” reaches the top 20 of the charts in 5 countries.

Like no other Lou has been able to form his own style of music by blending elements of the 40s and 50s era with up to date grooves and sounds

Awards from all over the world bombard the down-to-earth artist. He receives the German music award ECHO in 2 categories and is nominated even five times. He is also nominated for the GRAMMY, in Cannes he receives the reputable WORLD MUSIC AWARD. Further awards like the BLOCKBUSTER ENTERTAINMENT AWARD in Los Angeles/USA, FESTIVAL BAR in Verona/Italy, the AMADEUS AWARD in Vienna/Austria as well as the BUNTE NEW FACE AWARD in Berlin/Germany and many more follow…

From 1999 till today Lou Bega tours together with his band and his exotic female dancers all over the world – highlights are e. g. the USA tour with CHER in 22 cities of the USA or “mega live shows” in South America. Rio de Janeiro, in Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo turn into boiling pots by Lou Bega. The artist’s world tour also stops on the Indian subcontinent where he performs in Bombay, New Delhi, Madras, Bangalore and Calcutta. The more than 200 European concerts inspire more than 3 million visitors. Also in Las Vegas, Tokyo, Moscow, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates Lou Bega’s shows cause great enthusiasm. International companies, princes and royal houses – beneath the King of Morocco – book Lou Bega and his live show for private or corporate events.                Read More…

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