Vintage Industrial Furniture

Vintage Industrial Furniture

Vintage Industrial Furniture

This company started in the garage as a passionate hobby and soon bloomed into something much more. We’ve had our fair share of struggles but have prevailed and now know our path. Build furniture that we love with a design and materials that can last centuries so it can be passed down from one generation to the next. Run the company with a conscience, like a nurturing family, and treat employees and clients like we want to be treated. Be ambitious, do things very differently than corporate America, it’s not about getting rich. It’s about waking up everyday, doing something you are passionate about, and improving yourself and the world a little. Don’t follow the trends, set them.

The Vintage Industrial furniture trend is in full swing right now. This is partly because people are sick of the throwaway stuff. We’ve all bought furniture and products (from Asia) that only lasted a year or two. This has caused a sharp decline in American manufacturing companies like ours. And a huge increase in foreign imports. America doesn’t really make anything tangible anymore, not like we used to. We’ve gone white collar spending most of the day on computers in a virtual world.

How can we change this?

Buy American made products from companies that you believe in.

Ask yourself “is this just going to end up in a landfill soon?”

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