Cute Puppy Skateboarding

Cute Puppy Skateboarding

Cute Puppy Skateboarding

For some natural-born skateboarding dogs, this crude technique works. In other cases you end up with a dog that sometimes rides the skateboard and at other times tries to eat it. Or worse, you get a dog that goes crazy every time he sees the skateboard because he wants to chomp on it like it’s a chew toy. For those who have dogs that don’t naturally know how to get up and ride, here’s a step-by step plan. This simple dog trick starts with teaching the dog to step on objects with the two front feet on cue and progresses to stepping on moving objects such as a skateboard.
Start by Teaching a Simpler Dog Trick Called “Step” with the Two Front Feet

Step 1: Luring
The first stage of training this dog trick consists of teaching Fido to place two front feet on any object that you want. The benefit of this behavior is that you can also use it to teach other tricks such as–shake paws, high five, wave, turn on the lights, or ring the bell.

To start, you’ll need an object that’s elevated several inches off the ground and wide enough so that your dog can’t easily walk around it. Objects I’ve used for a 40-pound dog include a step-aerobics platform, an indo board, several coffee table books placed side by side, and a square, firm doggie bed.

Next lure the dog with treats or kibble so that his front feet are on the object and then give him 5-10 more treats in a row. Then walk away so he gets off and follows you (or toss a treat on the floor so he has to move) and repeat the procedure. Repeat this step until you are able to walk towards the object with him and he steps on without hesitation consistently–meaning 5-10 times in a row–with the food lure.


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