Bring The Cool Back To Kids Clothing

Bring The Cool Back To Kids Clothing

Bring The Cool Back To Kids Clothing

Established in 2009 Doodlebug is a young innovative label merging the worlds of art and eco consciousness into an ever diversifying range of clothing, stationery and whatever other goodies we dream up!

Here at Doodlebug, art and design is foremost in our mind.
We are doing more than just designing t-shirts.
With everything we create, we endeavor to provide you with something of substance and culture that is more than just a little part of us.
Designed in Australia, Doodlebugs bamboo clothing is bringing the cool back into children’s fashion without sacrificing the environment.
Each piece pays particular attention to a great cut, buttery soft bamboo fabrics and distinctive graphics.
Buttery soft bamboo fabric is ethical, ecological and hypo allergenic.
This makes for a beautifully designed, ridiculously comfortable and very cool garment.
Against ‘throw away fashion’, doodlebug clothes are designed to last.
New to the Doodlebug family is a range of eco friendly real cherrywood stationery.
Each Postcard, Bookmark and Gift tag is printed on wood from sustainable plantations and are little works of art.
The original artworks range from whimsical dicky-birds that pay homage to children’s ditties to cowboys riding oversized fish, each with unique beautiful wood grain that has the look, feel and smell of something you know is natural.
Doodlebug is innovative in finding ways to lower our environmental footprint.
From electronic catalogues, printing on recycled paper with soy based inks and using more sustainable materials like bamboo and cherrywood we believe it is possible to run a children’s clothing business without ruining the world for our children.

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Back on Track Motorcycle Parts Australia

Back on Track Motorcycle Parts Australia

Back on Track Motorcycle Parts Australia

Whether sailing through the air above a 50 foot tabletop is your thing, or blasting along your favorite back road with nothing but the road before you, at the heart of the matter is the boundless reward attained from riding a motorcycle.
Passionate motorcycle riders know their bikes inside and out.
Avid riders can spend more time tuning, replacing motorcycle parts and working on their bike than they do out on the track, simply because they want their bikes to perform at its very best.
Riders are mechanically minded, they understand the mechanics of their motorcycle and tasks such as replacing a lever after a heavy stack or fitting a fresh oil filter to ensure maximum engine life come with the territory.
Motorcycle riding can be an expensive pursuit, the additional cost of a mechanic can put a strain on the budget and, more importantly, take away from those extra rides.

At Kickstart Motorcycle Parts, we understand the compromise that must be reached by all riders between the insatiable need to be out riding and the cost involved in repairing/maintaining a prized possession.
Kickstart Motorcycle Parts was started to provide riders who are willing to work on their own motorcycles a viable outlet to purchase their replacement parts directly and in turn enable them to reap the benefits of a more direct buying channel.
Each penny saved is a penny that can be put towards riding whatever terrain or road that has you enraptured.

The drive behind Kickstart Motorcycle Parts is an intense passion to assist each rider in spending as much time as they can doing what they enjoy the most – riding.

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Cher – If I Could Turn Back Time

Cher – If I Could Turn Back Time

Cher - If I Could Turn Back Time

If she could turn back time, what would the pop queen change? After decades of public heartbreak and career rebirths she’s still as youthful as the day she first serenaded Sonny.

Cher’s career has lasted over forty years, first as a singer, then as a TV comedian and, later, as a mature and talented actress.

The young Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPierre was dragged out of her job as a studio back-up singer by crooner and music promoter Sonny Bono when she was just seventeen. Failing to impact as double act Caesar and Cleo, the tall, deadpan girl and the diminutive Bono gained huge popularity as Sonny & Cher, though each continued to occasionally record on their own. They ended up marrying in 1964.

Musically, the husband-wife team grew ever more popular with hits such as ‘I Got You Babe’ and ‘The Beat Goes On’. Changing musical tastes at the turn of the decade and financing flop films led to the couple becoming seriously in debt. The humiliation of the Lounge circuit finally evolved into Las Vegas appearances. Their onstage banter and lavish Bob Mackie costumes formed the basis of their TV show. The couple started to work on comedy sketches and ‘The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour’ debuted in 1971. It was a hit and ran for three years on US networks.

By 1974, Sonny and Cher split, both professionally and romantically. Cher returned to music and recorded a series of commercially successful pop albums. Sonny eased himself out of showbiz and into politics. Cher on the other hand remarried briefly, in 1975, to Greg Allman.

However, film was Cher’s passion of the 1980s and she worked hard on small parts, eventually winning Best Supporting Actress at the Academy Awards for her performance in ‘Silkwood’. Buoyed by her success, Cher was offered starring roles in ‘Mask’, ‘Suspect’ and ‘The Witches of Eastwick’. In 1988 she won the Academy Award’s Best Actress gong for her role in ‘Moonstruck’. At the same time, her ‘Heart of Stone’ album produced a sizeable hit ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’ and a memorably risqué outfit for the video.

She made her directing debut with ‘If These Walls Could Talk’ in 1996. Despite her reputation as supporter for gay rights and AIDS charities, Cher was initially less than delighted when her daughter was outted by the press. Their relationship mended in time for Chastity to break the news to her mother that Sonny had died while skiing. The eulogy to her former partner displayed Cher’s vulnerable side to the public. Chastity was later to rename herself Chaz, following her decision to change sex. A documentary which chart’s her gender reassignment, entitled ‘Becoming Chaz’, shows Cher explaining that “at some point, I’m going to have to start calling her him”. Read more…

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