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WordPress turns 10


WordPress turns 10

The open-source blogging platform and content management system (CMS), WordPress is ten years old now. A success story in its own right, WordPress has gone from being a simple blogging platform to an extremely helpful tool for building websites and enabling communication across the web, in the past decade.

Fathered by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, WordPress started off as a blogging platform b2/cafelog. The service now powers 18 percent of the Internet, thanks to its CMS capabilities. Using WordPress anyone can modify designs and themes on their site as well as add third-party plug-ins.

he service being open source is one of its greatest advantages. One need not seek permission before going about implementing newly developed features. There is no wonder then, that WordPress is the most commonly used CMS.

Mullenweg wrote a little love letter to the platform he created, commemorating ten years of its existence. “You were cute before you became beautiful. Wearing black and white, afraid of color, trying to be so unassuming…You showed the world you were growing up, and how much you cared about design and typography and other platonic ideals. You knew that open source didn’t have to be homely. I stretched myself too thin trying to get you there, and I did a stupid thing to pay for it. I hurt you, but instead of casting me away you held me closer, supported me, gave me another chance,” an emotional Mullenweg wrote.

The platform is now more than just a simple blogging tool or CMS. The service based on PHP and MySQL powers about 60 million websites around the world. It also runs several shopping websites as well as nearly 17 percent of the world’s top one million websites.

Here’s to the world’s most popular blogging system. We hope to see you be a part of blogging’s changing face in the next decade or so.

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Electro Swing – Bei mir bist du scheen

Electro Swing – Bei mir bist du scheen

is the first of 74 videos in this post, enjoy.
Electro Swing

NOTE The above link auto plays 74 videos of Electro Swing and runs for quite some time.

Electro swing is a musical genre fusing swing styles with house production techniques, with influences from other forms of EDM electronic dance music.

Contemporary artists of the genre incorporate loops, samples, melodies and styles from the Swing, Jazz and Big Band era such as Django ReinhardtCab Calloway and Benny Goodman to create new, more club friendly and accessible compositions. Leading artists include Parov StelarCaravan Palace, Bart And Baker, Dutty Moonshine, Kiwistar, Swingrowers, Dj Venom and Odjbox.

The genres are connected with a revival of swing dances like the Lindy hop, the popularity of Neo-Burlesque and the resurgence in an appreciation of vintage fashion and culture in mainstream society, championed by style icons Dita Von Teese and successful television shows like Boardwalk Empire.

Most early Electro Swing tunes were one-offs and would not at the time have been described as such. Lucas With The Lid Off by Lucas Secon is an early example which had some chart success. Various others like Doop (1995), Jimmy Luxury (who coined the term ‘Swing Hop’) with “Hi-Ball Swing” (1999), Jurassic 5‘s “Swing Set” (2000), Gry and F.M. Einheit‘s “Princess Crocodile” (2000), and Mr. Scruff‘s “Get A Move On” (1999) all built on this sound adding new variations. Many ‘Lounge’ and ‘Nu-Jazz’ tracks also borrowed Swing music elements, perhaps most notably from the artist St. Germain. In 2005 Parov Stelar, who had been experimenting with a ‘Nu-Jazz‘ type sound released the first of a series of Electro Swing records on his own label Etage Noir label and began to cement a sound. This was developed and built on by artists like G-SwingWaldeck and Caravan Palace.

Gradually a new genre began to form from the disparate pieces. A tipping point was reached as other artists, some new and some who were already involved with other styles like downtempo, lounge or house began to pick up on the sound and style. In 2009 the first compilation albums of the music began to appear ‘defining’ the genre. Most notably “Electro Swing” from Wagram in France and “White Mink: Black Cotton (Electro Swing versus Speakeasy Jazz)” from Freshly Squeezed Music in England which was described by the dance music magazine Mixmag as “Electro Swing’s first landmark moment”.

In late 2009 the first Electro Swing club was created in London by Chris Tofu (Continental Drifts) and Nick Hollywood (Freshly Squeezed Music) to launch the “White Mink : Black Cotton” Electro Swing compilation series. “Yes this really is a new genre and an exciting one at last” said London’s Time Out (company) of the club.

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Electro Swing – Bei mir bist du scheen featured in the above clip is a good example of Electro Swing as well as being funny with some great old movie footage.

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WordPress, Joomla Users Victims of ‘Brute Force’ Attack By Botnet


WordPress, Joomla Users Victims of ‘Brute Force’ Attack By Botnet

The ongoing botnet attack against poorly-secured WordPress-run sites reinforces the need for strong passwords, security experts say.

A network of more than 90,000 IP addresses is responsible for an ongoing “brute force” attack against sites and blogs using the WordPress’ default username ‘admin.’ Some Joomla users have also been hit. The campaign first came to light late last week and picked up steam over the weekend.

Online security firm Sucuri is reporting a significant rise in the number of such attacks.

The company’s data showed an average of 30,000 to 40,000 blocked attacks per day from last December through March. In April, hacking attempts spiked to more than 77,000 per day and reached more than 100,000 in the past few days.

According to Sophos security expert Paul Ducklin the online assault is known as a dictionary attack, a method in which the hacker tries the most common usernames and passwords in quick succession to breach accounts.

“The idea is simple: automate the password guessing, speed up the attack, and don’t spend too long on any individual site,” Ducklin wrote on the Sophos blog. “Look for the low-hanging fruit, and harvest it as quickly as you can; if you can’t get in within a few hundred or thousand attempts, move on to the next potential victim. It’s doorknob rattling, but on an industrial and international scale.”

Sucuri CTO Daniel Cid posted a list of the top user names being attempted: admin, test, administrator, Admin and root. The username admin is by far the most popular attempt, he added. In fact, it is tried 60 times more often than any of the other common user names.

“In these cases, by the shear fact of having a non- admin / administrator / root usernames you are automatically out of the running,” Cid said.

The most common passwords being attempted are: admin, 123456, 12345, !@#%^, 123321, qwerty, 12345678, 1234, 123123, password, 666666, 121212 and pass.

Sophos image

Sophos image

Founding developer of WordPress Matt Mullenweg recommends anyone who uses admin as his or her username change it immediately and implement a strong password.

“If you’re on turn on two-factor authentication, and of course make sure you’re up-to-date on the latest version of WordPress,” Mullenweg wrote in a blog post.  “Do this and you’ll be ahead of 99 percent of sites out there and probably never have a problem.”

Password-guessing attacks such as these are common, Ducklin said.

In this case, the attack volume “has been sufficient to attract global attention, which is a good thing, but it’s currently thought to be only about three times the usual level,” he said.

“In other words, even when ‘normal service’ is resumed, we’ll all still be firmly in the sights of the cybercriminals, so take this as a spur to action.”

Online security provider CloudFlare is warning that attacks such as this could spell trouble in the future.

CloudFlare CEO and co-founder Matthew Prince said the attacker is using “a relatively weak botnet of home PCs” to construct a significantly larger botnet “of beefy servers in preparation for a future attack.”

“These larger machines can cause much more damage in DDoS attacks because the servers have large network connections and are capable of generating significant amounts of traffic,” he wrote in a blog post. “This is a similar tactic that was used to build the so-called itsoknoproblembro/Brobot botnet which, in the fall of 2012, was behind the large attacks on U.S. financial institutions.”

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Fatten Up Retirement Savings in 3 Steps


Fatten Up Retirement Savings in 3 Steps


Fatten Up Retirement Savings in 3 Steps
Fatten Up Retirement Savings in 3 Steps

For some aging adults, the retirement piggy bank is looking too slim, especially for those unable to max out 401(k) plans or individual retirement accounts (IRA) every year.Remember when hard-working seniors were able to look forward to retirement as the chance to travel and savor relaxed family visits?

The National Institute on Retirement Security (NIRS) discovered that expectations for the so-called “good life” deflated back in 2011. NIRS research found only 11 percent of consumers assume retirement will include activities like travel, dining out at restaurants, hobbies and overall leisure-time. Most just hope they’ll be able to sustain their lifestyle without having to work or rely on others.

It’s not surprising that research indicates pensioners are better financially prepared for retired life. But the traditional pension has declined over the past 30 years, making it even tougher for middle-income adults to save enough for a stable nest egg.

Consider the following advice when saving for retirement to make the most of your golden years.

1. When it comes to investing, keep it simple.

Unless you’ve got a step up on the market flux, be smart and cautious. For soon-to-be retirees, CNN Money suggests avoiding individual stocks, niche funds and most ETFs (exchange-traded funds). Try to boost returns without assuming added risk by aiming for lower costs and low-expense funds. Straightforward, diversified portfolios will get you farther in the long run.

2. Utilize investment help.

If you’re managing your own portfolio and retirement accounts, investment guide tools can be incredibly useful. Services such as offer retirement education and investment help for any self-directed investor trying to maximize IRA or 401(k) growth. “My motto is ‘athletes do not rest, they build.’ But when it comes to preparing for retirement, sometimes you need help to know what to build,” explains Marshall Faulk, board member and former NFL star, who also created the Marshall Faulk Foundation to help San Diego youth. “Do you know which tax advantaged accounts provide the easiest way to score the most benefits?” Find answers at www.uselfdirect.comor call 800-242-1380.

3. Save more as income grows.

This seems obvious, but when adults receive a salary bump they should factor that into their allotted retirement savings. Resist the temptation to buy that new TV or king-sized bed — even though you deserve it — and put more toward the retirement plan or IRA. If you indulge in more luxurious living with every bit of income growth, it’ll be harder to maintain that lifestyle during retirement.


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NASA contractor United Space Alliance migrated to Linux from Windows

NASA contractor United Space Alliance migrated to Linux from Windows and went to The Linux Foundation for help with training.

logo nasa, NASA contractor United Space Alliance migrated to Linux from Windows

It’s hard to get tech support 400 kilometers away from the Earth, which is why Keith Chuvala of United Space Alliance, a NASA contractor deeply involved in Space Shuttle and International Space Station (ISS) operations, decided to migrate to Linux. As leader of the Laptops and Network Integration Teams, Chuvala oversees the developers in charge of writing and integrating software for the Station’s “OpsLAN” – a network of laptops that provide the ISS crew with vital capabilities for day-to-day operations, from telling the astronauts where they are, to inventory control of the equipment used, to interfacing with the cameras that capture photos and videos.

“We migrated key functions from Windows to Linux because we needed an operating system that was stable and reliable – one that would give us in-house control. So if we needed to patch, adjust or adapt, we could.” With the transition to Linux looming, Chuvala turned to the Linux Foundation’s Linux training program for help.

Expert training produces seamless Linux migration

With a goal of getting his team up to speed on developing applications in Linux, Chuvala was looking for solid training that would address various skill levels. The Linux Foundation’s training staff arranged two courses geared specifically for the USA/NASA team’s needs: Introduction to Linux for Developers and Developing Applications For Linux. Both training sessions were adapted to provide tailored instruction for the diverse group.

Dominic Duval, the Director of Enterprise Training, was able to leverage the group’s mixed backgrounds, augment their existing knowledge with Linux-specific skills, and prepare them for developing apps related specifically to the needs of the ISS. Chuvala was extremely pleased with the expertise and flexibility Duval provided the team. “Initially, I was worried about some of our real techie guys getting ‘bored,’” said Chuvala. “But that was not the case at all. Likewise, the new people were sufficiently challenged.”

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Harlem Shake (original army edition)

Harlem Shake (original army edition), Something definitely different…..

SORRY ALL – Had to replace with a different clip.
Youtube removed the original version.

The Harlem Shake (original army edition) is an Internet meme in the form of a video in which a group of people performs a comedy sketch accompanied by a short excerpt from the song “Harlem Shake”.
As a meme, the video was replicated by many people, using the same concept, and this rapidly led to it becoming viral in early February 2013, with thousands of “Harlem Shake” videos being made and uploaded to YouTube every day at the height of its popularity.
The form of the meme was established in a video uploaded on February 2 by five teenagers from Queensland, Australia known on YouTube as The Sunny Coast Skate.
The video started a viral trend of people uploading their own “Harlem Shake” videos to YouTube.
The teenagers’ video was a follow-up to a video by a YouTube comedy vlogger named Filthy Frank
which featured a section where several costumed people danced to the song “Harlem Shake” by Baauer.

Sony PS4 Announced – IGN Daily Fix – IGN Video

The Sony PS4 will hit shelves this year – Holiday 2013 – but the look of the device is still firmly under wraps, with no hardware being revealed at its launch event in New York beyond the new DualShock 4 controller and a stereo camera.

Sony PS4 launch – hardware and specs

However, the Sony PS4 isn’t a total mystery – Sony was plenty forthcoming with features and specs for its next-gen gaming console. The Sony PS4 will pack in an X86 processor with eight CPU cores, an “enhanced PC GPU” and 8GB GDDR5 RAM.
What does that mean for gamers? Sony claims an “exponential leap over its predecessors” in terms of processing power, with the Sony PS4 able to suspend and resume gameplay simply by hitting the power button; the console will boot up immediately when you switch it on and restore your game state. The Sony PS4 will also be able to upload and download games in the background – even when the power button’s off – while you’ll be able to play downloaded games as soon as you purchase them, as the game files are downloading.

The Sony PS4 will also feature always on video compression and decompression – letting you seamlessly upload gameplay recordings. The idea, according to Sony, is to make sharing videos of gameplay as ubiquitous as screenshots are now. You’ll also be able to share live streams of ongoing games – more on that later.

Sony PS4 launch – DualShock 4 controller

The one piece of Sony PS4 hardware that Sony was willing to share was the DualShock 4 controller. Closely resembling the layout of the current PS3 controller, the DualShock 4 adds enhanced rumble capabilities, a Share button and touch pad along with a headphone jack and light bar. The latter lets the PS4’s stereo camera track and identify the controller in 3D – the console will also play nice with existing PlayStation Move controllers.

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PS4 Announced, PS News Overload, IGN Daily Fix – IGN Video

Facebook Graph Search – Google Threat or Internet Joke

The possibility of a Facebook search engine has been giving Google the sweats for quite some time now. The search giant may be the most powerful Internet company in the world, but Zuck and Co. have something that it needs more than anything: mountains of valuable personal user data, enter Facebook Graph Search.

Big G has long feared that Facebook would eventually figure out a way to harness that info to create a superior search product, and it appears that day has finally arrived. When Facebook unveiled Graph Search in mid Jan ’13, it was heralded as a revolution for the search industry. Fast forward a week, a few floggings from high-profile news outlets, and a Tumblr parody account, and Facebook’s supposed “game-changer” is shaping up to be more like a bad Internet meme.

A Different Kind of Search Experience

Facebook’s plan was to build a new kind of search for the web: a multidimensional tool that would hunt down people, places, and things for users based upon complex query strings.
Bloomberg Businessweek reported Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s explanation of Graph Search during the new feature’s unveiling in a press event last week:

“In general, Web search is designed to take any open-ended query and return to you links that may have answers to the question that you might be trying to ask. Now, Graph Search is very different. Graph Search is designed to take a precise query and return to you the answer, not links to other places where you might get the answer.”

Zuck also noted that Facebook teamed up with Bing to create Graph Search, and the two tech titans designed it to answer queries about people, places, and things. Users can search using a variety of filters, such as “liked by” or “place type.” Here’s a couple of example searches that Facebook offers up for users on its official promo:
* “Restaurants in London my friends have been to”

* “People who like cycling and are from my hometown”

Sounds pretty cool, right? Yea, it did – but then came the Tumblr account.

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