Seasons In The Sun – Terry Jacks

Seasons In The Sun – Terry Jacks

Seasons In The Sun - Terry Jacks

Singer, songwriter, guitarist and record producer Terry Jacks was born on March 29, 1944 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. A member of the hippie generation, Jacks resisted his family’s wishes to become an architect and decided to pursue a career in music instead. In the mid 60s Terry joined the Vancouver, British Columbia-based band The Chessmen as both a singer and guitarist.

The group had a few minor local hits before breaking up. Jacks subsequently met singer Susan Jacks and formed a duo with her called The Poppy Family. Terry and Susan eventually married. The Poppy Family scored a big smash with the touching ballad “Which Way You Goin’ Billy?”; the song was a #1 hit in Canada and peaked at #2 on the Billboard pop charts in America. “Which Way You Goin’ Billy?” sold over two million copies and won several Juno Awards.

The follow-up singles “That’s Where I Went Wrong” and “Where Evil Grows” likewise did pretty well. Alas, Jacks and Susan broke up in 1973. In 1974 Terry scored himself a massive international success with the sad, sappy song “Seasons in the Sun;” the song peaked at #1 in both Canada and America alike, reportedly sold over eleven million copies worldwide, and went on to win three Juno Awards.

Terry was never able to either match or surpass the monumental success of “Seasons in the Sun,” but did manage to eke out a nice career as a record producer (among the artists he’s worked as a producer for are the Beach Boys, Nana Mouskouri, D.O.A., and Chilliwack). In 1986 Jacks produced, acted in, and composed the score for a flop made-for-TV adaptation of his signature hit song “Seasons in the Sun.” A dedicated environmentalist, Terry Jacks is the founder of the organization Environmental Watch, which makes sure that major pulp and logging companies are properly adhering to Canadian pollution laws. He lives in Pender Harbour, British Columbia, Canada.

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The Moody Blues – Nights In White Satin

The Moody Blues – Nights In White Satin

The Moody Blues - Nights In White Satin

Although they’re best known today for their lush, lyrically and musically profound (some would say bombastic) psychedelic-era albums and singles, the Moody Blues started out as one of the better R&B based combos of the British Invasion. The Moody Blues’ history began in Birmingham, England, where one of the more successful bands during that time was El Riot and the Rebels, co-founded by Ray Thomas (harmonica, vocals) and Mike Pinder (keyboards, vocals).

Pinder left the band, first for a gig with Jackie Lynton and then a stint in the Army. In May of 1963, he and Thomas reunited under the auspices of the Krew Cats. They were good enough to get overseas bookings in Germany, where English rock bands were the rage. Upon their return to Birmingham in November of 1963, the entire English musical landscape was occupied by 250 groups, all of them vying for gigs in perhaps a dozen clubs.

Thomas and Pinder decided to try and go professional, recruiting members from some of the best groups working in Birmingham. This included Denny Laine (vocals, guitar), Graeme Edge (drums), and Clint Warwick (bass, vocals). The Moody Blues made their debut in Birmingham in May of 1964, and quickly earned the notice and later the services of manager Tony Secunda. A major tour was quickly booked, and the band landed an engagement at the Marquee Club, which resulted in a contract with England’s Decca Records less than six months after their formation. The group’s first single, “Steal Your Heart Away,” released in September of 1964, didn’t touch the British charts.

Their second single “Go Now,” released in November of 1964, fulfilled every expectation and more, reaching number one in England; in America, it peaked at number 10. Following it up was easier said than done. Despite their fledgling songwriting efforts and the access they had to American demos, this version of the Moody Blues never came up with another single success. By the end of the spring of 1965, the frustration was palpable within the band.

The group decided to make their fourth single, “From the Bottom of My Heart,” an experiment with a different sound. Unfortunately, the single only reached number 22 on the British charts following its release in May of 1965. Ultimately, the grind of touring coupled with the strains facing the group, became too much for Warwick, who exited in the spring of 1966, and by August of 1966 Laine had left as well. Warwick was replaced by John Lodge. His introduction to the band was followed in late 1966 by the addition of Justin Hayward.

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Deee-Lite – Groove Is In The Heart

Deee-Lite – Groove Is In The Heart

Deee-Lite - Groove Is In The Heart

With the massive popularity of their hit single “Groove Is in the Heart,” Deee-Lite brought the colourful sights and sounds of New York’s club culture into the mainstream. Formed in 1986, the trio was led by vocalist Lady Miss Kier (born Kieren Kirby in Youngstown, Ohio) and fleshed out by a pair of DJs, Super DJ Dmitry (a classically-trained guitarist and Russian emigre born Dmitry Brill) and Jungle DJ Towa Towa (born Doug Wa-Chung in Tokyo, Japan).

Fusing house, techno, rap, ambient and funk music with an outrageous visual flair largely influenced by the drag-queen community (Kier’s fondness for Fluevog platform shoes helped the 1970s fashion revival gather steam), Deee-Lite became hugely popular among New York club denizens, and the trio’s own unique cultural make-up earned them a following which ignored racial and sexual boundaries. In 1990, they debuted with the album World Clique, a crossover smash thanks to hits like the loping classic “Groove Is in the Heart” (featuring the fluid bass of Bootsy Collins and the saxophone of Maceo Parker) and “Power of Love.”

With their 1992 follow-up Infinity Within, Deee-Lite’s music turned overtly political as songs touched base with hot topics like the environment, safe sex and democracy. Towa Towa left the group soon after; rechristened Towa Tei, he released his solo debut Future Listening in 1995. Kier and Dmitry, meanwhile, enlisted DJ Ani for 1994’s Dewdrops in the Garden, a sensual outing influenced by the growing rave culture. After the release of 1996’s remix album Sampladelic Relics and Dancefloor Oddities, Deee-Lite disbanded.


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Lost In Space Robot

Lost In Space Robot

Lost In Space Robot

If you just won the lotto, what would you buy? Don’t say all that boring stuff like, pay the morgatge, buy a boat, take a vacation, quit your job (hmmm come to think of it, quitting that job could be fun!). How about owning your very own life sized, limited edition, individually numbered and fully licensed hand built replica of the Lost in Space Robot?

The Lost in Space Robot is one of pop cultures top animations and what makes this replica so cool is that it has over 500 voice tracks recorded by the original voice in the 1965 TV show, Richard Tufeld who sadly passed away in January 2012.

With phrases such as “Danger, Will Robinson” The Lost in Space Robot also has a functional Power Pack. When you Pull the Robot’s “Power Pack” out, it will shut down the Robot with the “Aaghhhhhh…” sound, just as it did in the TV series when Dr. Zachary Smith wanted to shut him up.  Plugging in the power pack activates the Robot and he will speak an appropriate phrase, “Who turned out the lights?”, etc. You will feel as though you are onboard the Jupiter 2 with all the cast.

The Lost in Space Robot is a Class M-3 Model B9, General Utility, non-theorising environment control robot, which has no given name. Although a machine endowed with superhuman strength and futuristic weaponry, he often displays characteristics such as laughter, sadness and mockery as well as singing and playing the guitar.

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Biggest Breast Implants in the World

The Top 10 Biggest Breast Implants in the World

Men will always look and check out a woman’s breasts, butt and legs. It’s in a man’s genes, and doing it just comes naturally. Of course, the tricky part is how to do it in a subtle manner so as not to offend the woman.

But sometimes, no matter how respectful or subtle a man can be, there are just instances when a man cannot steer his eyes away from his subject. Extremely large breasts are natural magnets for a man’s eye. Maybe, that is the reason why some women go to the extent of having implants to enhance the size and looks of their breasts.

But when does breast enhancements become too much? Why is it that some women end up overdoing it? Could they have not taken a cue from big-breasted celebrities who have just about the right size? Why did they not follow the examples set forth by actresses like Scarlett Johansson. Pamela Anderson, Raquel Welch, Shannon Elizabeth, Jennifer Connelly or Jessica Simpson? Or maybe, they could have just emulated famous supermodels or reality stars with large breasts, like Kate Upton or Kim Kardashian.

They may have various reasons for doing so, but whether you call them fun bags, knockers, rack, boobs or whatever, here is a list of the top ten largest breast implants in the world.

1. Chelsea Charms

The Top 10 Biggest Breast Implants in the World Chelsea Charms

Normal breast enhancements usually involve around 400 to 500 cc of augmentation. Chelsea Charms augmented her breasts by 1,200 cc. It may prove to be counterproductive, as I am not sure if she could actually charm a man with such a large chest.

2. Sheyla Hershey

Sheyla Hershey

She used to have 38KKK size breasts after her implants, but doctors had to remove it after she got sick. She was lethargic and she stayed in bed all day, with pains all over her body (not just her breasts). She also developed a persistent fever. Her breast implants did not exactly turn out to be such fun bags.

3. Beshine


She probably has the biggest breasts in all of Europe, and she went through the entire alphabet almost to achieve that distinction. Beshine started out as a B cup, but she now sports an amazing Z. And she loves every moment of it, as she craves for the attention even if it means getting a lot of stares and giggles. She has also become a fitness buff, regularly exercising to improve her back muscles in order for her to carry the heavy stuff up front. The only drawbacks she complains of are the lack of clothes that would fit her body and the inability to sleep on her stomach.

4. BB Gunns

BB Gunns

Chances are this is not her real name. She is far from a double B, however, as she actually has a 78HHH size breast.  Then again, having a name like HHH Gunns, or Triple H Gunns, just does not flow as smoothly as BB Gunns.

5. Busty Dusty

Busty Dusty

Where they get their names, I have no idea. If Busty Dusty is her real name, her parents may have condemned her to a life in the adult film industry right from the start. She measures 54 – 24 – 34, which is already an incredible measurement by any length of the imagination. Apparently, her imagination can leap beyond incredulity, as she has been said to have a 90HHH size breasts. Maybe, it was just the adult film industry’s way of marketing her. I am not sure what viewer or fan she could have gained from a 90HHH breasts that she could not have gotten from a 54.

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Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral In London

Margaret Thatcher's Funeral In London

Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral In London

LONDON — The United Kingdom was steeling itself to say a final formal farewell to the Iron Lady, the former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher who presided over the nation during a period of huge economic and social change from 1979 to 1990. Thatcher’s funeral is being held in London today.

A massive security operation is underway by Scotland Yard on the streets of London as Thatcher’s coffin will soon be carried in a horse-drawn gun carriage from the Royal Air Force chapel of St Clement Danes on the Strand to St Paul’s Cathedral, a journey of just over a mile through the heart of the capital.

The route will be lined by hundreds of military personnel from the three armed forces. After departing St Clement Danes, the procession will travel along Fleet Street and up Ludgate Hill. Her coffin will be draped in the Union Flag. It is scheduled to take 19 minutes.

At Thatcher’s request, military units with a connection to the 1982 Falklands War will be heavily represented.

After Thatcher’s coffin reaches St Paul’s, it will be carried up the steps of the cathedral to be met by over 2,000 dignitaries, friends, ex-colleagues and family members. The service at St Paul’s is due to start at 11 a.m. local time.

The Queen and her husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, will be among those attending the funeral.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney and former secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger are also expected to be present at the service. George Shultz and James Baker will represent President Obama’s official delegation.

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair will attend, as will F.W. de Klerk, the former president of South Africa.

Some 4,000 police will be deployed in central London amid heightened security concerns in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings this week, and ahead of the London Marathon on Sunday when over 36,000 runners will take to the city’s streets.

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