Electro Swing – Bei mir bist du scheen

Electro Swing – Bei mir bist du scheen

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Electro Swing

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Electro swing is a musical genre fusing swing styles with house production techniques, with influences from other forms of EDM electronic dance music.

Contemporary artists of the genre incorporate loops, samples, melodies and styles from the Swing, Jazz and Big Band era such as Django ReinhardtCab Calloway and Benny Goodman to create new, more club friendly and accessible compositions. Leading artists include Parov StelarCaravan Palace, Bart And Baker, Dutty Moonshine, Kiwistar, Swingrowers, Dj Venom and Odjbox.

The genres are connected with a revival of swing dances like the Lindy hop, the popularity of Neo-Burlesque and the resurgence in an appreciation of vintage fashion and culture in mainstream society, championed by style icons Dita Von Teese and successful television shows like Boardwalk Empire.

Most early Electro Swing tunes were one-offs and would not at the time have been described as such. Lucas With The Lid Off by Lucas Secon is an early example which had some chart success. Various others like Doop (1995), Jimmy Luxury (who coined the term ‘Swing Hop’) with “Hi-Ball Swing” (1999), Jurassic 5‘s “Swing Set” (2000), Gry and F.M. Einheit‘s “Princess Crocodile” (2000), and Mr. Scruff‘s “Get A Move On” (1999) all built on this sound adding new variations. Many ‘Lounge’ and ‘Nu-Jazz’ tracks also borrowed Swing music elements, perhaps most notably from the artist St. Germain. In 2005 Parov Stelar, who had been experimenting with a ‘Nu-Jazz‘ type sound released the first of a series of Electro Swing records on his own label Etage Noir label and began to cement a sound. This was developed and built on by artists like G-SwingWaldeck and Caravan Palace.

Gradually a new genre began to form from the disparate pieces. A tipping point was reached as other artists, some new and some who were already involved with other styles like downtempo, lounge or house began to pick up on the sound and style. In 2009 the first compilation albums of the music began to appear ‘defining’ the genre. Most notably “Electro Swing” from Wagram in France and “White Mink: Black Cotton (Electro Swing versus Speakeasy Jazz)” from Freshly Squeezed Music in England which was described by the dance music magazine Mixmag as “Electro Swing’s first landmark moment”.

In late 2009 the first Electro Swing club was created in London by Chris Tofu (Continental Drifts) and Nick Hollywood (Freshly Squeezed Music) to launch the “White Mink : Black Cotton” Electro Swing compilation series. “Yes this really is a new genre and an exciting one at last” said London’s Time Out (company) of the club.

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Electro Swing – Bei mir bist du scheen featured in the above clip is a good example of Electro Swing as well as being funny with some great old movie footage.

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