Marilyn Monroe Biography

Marilyn Monroe Biography

Marilyn Monroe Biography

Norma Jean Baker endured a fatherless childhood of sexual abuse and poverty and was put in a string of orphanages and foster homes after mother Gladys Baker (nee Monroe), who suffered mental illness, was institutionalised.

She was born on 1 June 1926 in the Los Angeles County Hospital, the third child of Gladys Baker. She lived with a number of foster parents, as her mother was mentally unstable, until her mum’s best friend Grace Mckee became her guardian.

Mckee was inspired by Jean Harlow and allowed the nine-year-old Norma to wear makeup and curl her hair until McKee married and sent Norma to an orphanage.

She was then sent to live with her great aunt Olive Brunings and it is thought that Norma was sexually assaulted by Olive’s son, which some biographers have claimed led to her later behaviour, including substance abuse.

At 16, she escaped her old life by marrying a 21-year-old aircraft plant worker, Jim Dougherty, who she divorced four years later. By this time she had begun modelling bathing suits and, after bleaching her hair blonde, posed for pin-ups and glamour photos.

Howard Hughes tried to get her a screen test but was beaten to the punch by 20th Century-Fox, who signed her to a contract – at $125 per week for six months – and changed her name to Marilyn Monroe.

After appearing in small parts in films including ‘Love Happy’ and ‘All About Eve’, Monroe found fame in 1953 with ‘Niagara’, ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ and ‘How To Marry a Millionaire’. That same year, she began dating baseball player Jo DiMaggio, and a nude spread of her appeared in the debut issue of Playboy magazine. Monroe had hit stardom.The nude spread caused a scandal with her studio so she agreed to admit she had posed for the photo as she was struggling to pay her rent. The resulting publicity created some sympathy for the struggling actress.

In 1954, she eloped with DiMaggio – a union which was only to last eight months – before filming ‘There’s No Business Like Show Business’ and ‘The Seven-Year Itch’, with the classic scene in which she stood over a subway grating, skirt billowing. She applied for divorce from DiMaggio on the grounds of mental cruelty. Despite this, he secured her release from the Payne Whitney Psychiatric Mental Clinic in 1961.

Monroe’s work began to slow down but, after undergoing psychoanalysis, critics praised her acting in 1956 film ‘Bus Stop’. She married playwright Arthur Miller the same year, divorcing him four years on. In the meantime, she fell prey to alcohol and pills, and suffered two miscarriages.

After a year off in 1958, Marilyn returned to the silver screen for smash comedy, ‘Some Like It Hot’. In 1960, she appeared in ‘Let’s Make Love’, with Yves Montand, with whom she had an affair.

‘The Misfits’, written by husband Miller, was to be her final film. Work was interrupted by exhaustion, and she was then fired from ‘Something’s Got to Give’ for not turning up for filming.

On 19 May 1962, the actress attended the early birthday celebration of John F Kennedy at Madison Square Gardens and sang ‘Happy Birthday Mr President’ in a now iconic manner.

She went into seclusion and on 5 August 1962, she was found dead at her home of an overdose of sleeping pills, aged 36. The verdict was suicide but has always been disputed, with countless conspiracy theories triggered by alleged affairs with brothers John F and Robert Kennedy.

Monroe has been portrayed by a number of actresses over the years, with the latest being Michelle Williams.

Williams will be playing Monroe in the BBC TV film ‘My week with Marilyn’ this year (2011), which portrays the seven days Monroe spent in England in 1957 filming ‘The Prince and the Showgirl’ with Laurence Olivier. Biography Source…..The Biography Channel

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Jason Momoa Biography

Jason Momoa Biography

Jason Momoa Biography

Joseph Jason Namakaeha Momoa moved with his mother to Iowa where he was raised. His origin is Hawaiian on his fathers side, and German/Irish on his mothers side. His uncle is the surfer Brian Kaulana. He returned to Hawaii to attend college, as he was curious about his Hawaiian roots.

Jason Planned on being a marine biologist, but now he wouldn’t choose any career over acting. He started out as a model, spotted by the prestigious international designer, Takeo while in college. In 1999, he won Hawaii’s Model of the Year and hosted the Miss Teen Hawaii USA contest. In 1999 he also participated in the Governor’s Fashion Show, and walked the runway for Louis Vuitton.

His modeling lead to acting, as he got his first role as a series regular on the series Baywatch Hawaii. He also starred in the FOX special Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding and the television movie Tempted. He’s also appeared in the movie Johnson Family Vacation. Jason’s hopes for the future Professionally is to be doing feature films and to do theater work like Shakespeare. He’s on the cast list of the series North Shore At the moment Jason is starring in Stargate Atlantis.

After a year on the show Baywatch Hawaii, he went on a journey to Tibet. This trip the Buddhist studying Jason describes as “my best life experience”. He’s also been to France where he’s climbed Fountain Bleu. He’s also into arts, and while in Paris visiting his mother he also did some pastel painting. Jason is supporting many charities and community groups. He’s been working for the Hawaii Food Bank campaign and has spoken to students at various schools. Jason believes he is blessed by strong family values and enjoys sharing his experiences, especially with the youth of today.

His spare time is spent on rock and ice climbing, mountain biking, snowboarding, long board skateboarding and roller hockey. He also spends his free time on Buddhist studies.

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Picture Source…..Jessys Book Club

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Stargate Atlantis

Stargate Atlantis

Stargate Atlantis

Stargate Atlantis is a Canadian-American adventure and military science fiction television series and part of MGM’s Stargate franchise. The show was created by Brad Wrightand Robert C. Cooper as a spin-off series of Stargate SG-1, which was created by Wright and Jonathan Glassner and was itself based on the feature film Stargate (1994). All five seasons of Stargate Atlantis were broadcast by The Sci-Fi Channel in the United States and The Movie Network in Canada. The show premiered on July 16, 2004; its final episode aired on January 9, 2009. The series was filmed in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

The story of Stargate Atlantis follows the events of Stargate SG-1’s seventh season finale episode “Lost City” and eighth season premiere episode “New Order”, in which the cast of that series discovered an Antarctic outpost created by the alien race known as the Ancients. In the pilot episode “Rising”, Stargate Command sends an international team to investigate the outpost, where Dr.Daniel Jackson discovers the location of Atlantis, the legendary city created by the Ancients, and Colonel Jack O’Neill visits the outpost after having been put in stasis and retrieved from it.

The series was a ratings success for the Sci Fi Channel, and was particularly popular in Europe and Australia. Although it received little critical response, Stargate Atlantis was honored with numerous awards and award nominations in its five-season run. After Stargate Atlantis was cancelled, the show’s co-creators began working on the already-conceptualized Stargate Universe which the network had approved to have a bigger budget, be less mythology-dependent, and have more focus on character development; Stargate Universe premiered on October 2nd 2009, and was cancelled after two seasons. Merchandise for Stargate Atlantis includes games and toys, print media, and an original audio series. With the cancellation of Stargate Universe, the intended direct to-DVD Stargate Atlantis movie, titled Stargate: Extinction, was also cancelled.

The Cast.

Joe Flanigan as John Sheppard

Joe Flanigan as John Sheppard

David Hewlett as Rodney McKay

David Hewlett as Rodney McKay

Jason Momoa as Ronon Dex

Jason Momoa as Ronon Dex

Paul McGillion as Carson Beckett

Paul McGillion as Carson Beckett

Torri Higginson as Elizabeth Weir

Torri Higginson as Elizabeth Weir

Rachel Luttrell as Teyla Emmagan

Rachel Luttrell as Teyla Emmagan

Rainbow Sun Francks as Aiden Ford

Rainbow Sun Francks as Aiden Ford

Amanda Tapping as Samantha “Sam” Carter

Amanda Tapping as Samantha

Jewel Staite as Jennifer Keller

Jewel Staite as Jennifer Keller

Robert Picardo as Richard Woolsey

Robert Picardo as Richard Woolsey

Christopher Heyerdahl as Todd the Wraith

>Christopher Heyerdahl as Todd the Wraith

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Picture Source…..  except for
Tod the Wraith…

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Biggest Breast Implants in the World

The Top 10 Biggest Breast Implants in the World

Men will always look and check out a woman’s breasts, butt and legs. It’s in a man’s genes, and doing it just comes naturally. Of course, the tricky part is how to do it in a subtle manner so as not to offend the woman.

But sometimes, no matter how respectful or subtle a man can be, there are just instances when a man cannot steer his eyes away from his subject. Extremely large breasts are natural magnets for a man’s eye. Maybe, that is the reason why some women go to the extent of having implants to enhance the size and looks of their breasts.

But when does breast enhancements become too much? Why is it that some women end up overdoing it? Could they have not taken a cue from big-breasted celebrities who have just about the right size? Why did they not follow the examples set forth by actresses like Scarlett Johansson. Pamela Anderson, Raquel Welch, Shannon Elizabeth, Jennifer Connelly or Jessica Simpson? Or maybe, they could have just emulated famous supermodels or reality stars with large breasts, like Kate Upton or Kim Kardashian.

They may have various reasons for doing so, but whether you call them fun bags, knockers, rack, boobs or whatever, here is a list of the top ten largest breast implants in the world.

1. Chelsea Charms

The Top 10 Biggest Breast Implants in the World Chelsea Charms

Normal breast enhancements usually involve around 400 to 500 cc of augmentation. Chelsea Charms augmented her breasts by 1,200 cc. It may prove to be counterproductive, as I am not sure if she could actually charm a man with such a large chest.

2. Sheyla Hershey

Sheyla Hershey

She used to have 38KKK size breasts after her implants, but doctors had to remove it after she got sick. She was lethargic and she stayed in bed all day, with pains all over her body (not just her breasts). She also developed a persistent fever. Her breast implants did not exactly turn out to be such fun bags.

3. Beshine


She probably has the biggest breasts in all of Europe, and she went through the entire alphabet almost to achieve that distinction. Beshine started out as a B cup, but she now sports an amazing Z. And she loves every moment of it, as she craves for the attention even if it means getting a lot of stares and giggles. She has also become a fitness buff, regularly exercising to improve her back muscles in order for her to carry the heavy stuff up front. The only drawbacks she complains of are the lack of clothes that would fit her body and the inability to sleep on her stomach.

4. BB Gunns

BB Gunns

Chances are this is not her real name. She is far from a double B, however, as she actually has a 78HHH size breast.  Then again, having a name like HHH Gunns, or Triple H Gunns, just does not flow as smoothly as BB Gunns.

5. Busty Dusty

Busty Dusty

Where they get their names, I have no idea. If Busty Dusty is her real name, her parents may have condemned her to a life in the adult film industry right from the start. She measures 54 – 24 – 34, which is already an incredible measurement by any length of the imagination. Apparently, her imagination can leap beyond incredulity, as she has been said to have a 90HHH size breasts. Maybe, it was just the adult film industry’s way of marketing her. I am not sure what viewer or fan she could have gained from a 90HHH breasts that she could not have gotten from a 54.

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Babe Ruth Biography

Babe Ruth Biography

Babe Ruth Biography


George Herman Ruth Jr. was born on February 6, 1895 in Baltimore, Maryland to parents George Sr. and Kate. George Jr. was one of eight children, although only he and his sister Mamie survived. George Jr.’s parents worked long hours, leaving little time to watch over him and his sister. The lack of parental guidance allowed George Jr. to become a bit unruly, often skipping school and causing trouble in the neighborhood. When George Jr. turned 7 years old, his parents realized he needed a stricter environment and therefore sent him to the St. Mary’s Industrial School for Boys, a school run by Catholic monks from an order of the Xaverian Brothers. St. Mary’s provided a strict and regimented environment that helped shape George Jr.’s future. Not only did George Jr. learn vocational skills, but he developed a passion and love for the game of baseball.

Brother Matthias, one of the monks at St. Mary’s, took an instant liking to George Jr. and became a positive role model and father-like figure to George Jr. while at St. Mary’s. Brother Matthias also happened to help George Jr. refine his baseball skills, working tirelessly with him on hitting, fielding and pitching skills. George Jr. became so good at baseball that the Brothers invited Jack Dunn, owner of the Baltimore Orioles, to come watch George Jr. play. Dunn was obviously impressed, as he offered a contract to George Jr. in February 1914 after watching him for less than an hour. Since George Jr. was only 19 at the time, Dunn had to become George’s legal guardian in order to complete the contract. Upon seeing George Jr. for the first time, the Orioles players referred to him as “Jack’s newest babe”, and thus the most famous nickname in American sports history was born. Thereafter, George Herman Ruth Jr. was known as the Babe.

The Babe performed well for Dunn and the Orioles, leading to the sale of Babe to the Boston Red Sox by Dunn. While Babe is most known for his prodigious power as a slugger, he started his career as a pitcher, and a very good one at that. In 1914, Babe appeared in five games for the Red Sox, pitching in four of them. He won his major league debut on July 11, 1914. However, due to a loaded roster, Babe was optioned to the Red Sox minor league team, the Providence Grays, where he helped lead them to the International League pennant. Babe became a permanent fixture in the Red Sox rotation in 1915, accumulating an 18-8 record with an ERA of 2.44.  Read More…..Babe


WordPress, Joomla Users Victims of ‘Brute Force’ Attack By Botnet


WordPress, Joomla Users Victims of ‘Brute Force’ Attack By Botnet

The ongoing botnet attack against poorly-secured WordPress-run sites reinforces the need for strong passwords, security experts say.

A network of more than 90,000 IP addresses is responsible for an ongoing “brute force” attack against sites and blogs using the WordPress’ default username ‘admin.’ Some Joomla users have also been hit. The campaign first came to light late last week and picked up steam over the weekend.

Online security firm Sucuri is reporting a significant rise in the number of such attacks.

The company’s data showed an average of 30,000 to 40,000 blocked attacks per day from last December through March. In April, hacking attempts spiked to more than 77,000 per day and reached more than 100,000 in the past few days.

According to Sophos security expert Paul Ducklin the online assault is known as a dictionary attack, a method in which the hacker tries the most common usernames and passwords in quick succession to breach accounts.

“The idea is simple: automate the password guessing, speed up the attack, and don’t spend too long on any individual site,” Ducklin wrote on the Sophos blog. “Look for the low-hanging fruit, and harvest it as quickly as you can; if you can’t get in within a few hundred or thousand attempts, move on to the next potential victim. It’s doorknob rattling, but on an industrial and international scale.”

Sucuri CTO Daniel Cid posted a list of the top user names being attempted: admin, test, administrator, Admin and root. The username admin is by far the most popular attempt, he added. In fact, it is tried 60 times more often than any of the other common user names.

“In these cases, by the shear fact of having a non- admin / administrator / root usernames you are automatically out of the running,” Cid said.

The most common passwords being attempted are: admin, 123456, 12345, !@#%^, 123321, qwerty, 12345678, 1234, 123123, password, 666666, 121212 and pass.

Sophos image

Sophos image

Founding developer of WordPress Matt Mullenweg recommends anyone who uses admin as his or her username change it immediately and implement a strong password.

“If you’re on turn on two-factor authentication, and of course make sure you’re up-to-date on the latest version of WordPress,” Mullenweg wrote in a blog post.  “Do this and you’ll be ahead of 99 percent of sites out there and probably never have a problem.”

Password-guessing attacks such as these are common, Ducklin said.

In this case, the attack volume “has been sufficient to attract global attention, which is a good thing, but it’s currently thought to be only about three times the usual level,” he said.

“In other words, even when ‘normal service’ is resumed, we’ll all still be firmly in the sights of the cybercriminals, so take this as a spur to action.”

Online security provider CloudFlare is warning that attacks such as this could spell trouble in the future.

CloudFlare CEO and co-founder Matthew Prince said the attacker is using “a relatively weak botnet of home PCs” to construct a significantly larger botnet “of beefy servers in preparation for a future attack.”

“These larger machines can cause much more damage in DDoS attacks because the servers have large network connections and are capable of generating significant amounts of traffic,” he wrote in a blog post. “This is a similar tactic that was used to build the so-called itsoknoproblembro/Brobot botnet which, in the fall of 2012, was behind the large attacks on U.S. financial institutions.”

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OutKast – Hey Ya – Goat Edition

OutKast – Hey Ya – Goat Edition

OutKast - Hay Ya - Goat Edition

If you’re among the millions who have spent a significant portion of the past month watching videos of goats yelling like humans, you may have wondered: Why do goats yell like that? Are they distressed? Do they yell for any particular reason? Are they trying to tell us something?

We asked the goat experts. The first thing we learned is that the goat experts are not amused. “Maybe for some it is entertaining,” Dr. An Peischel of Tennesse State University told me. “I am a goat producer and don’t consider it entertainment at all.”

They were quick to point out that some of these “goats” are not, in fact, goats at all. “The individuals making the noises were not all goats,” wrote Dr. Peischel, “There are several sheep involved.”

Yelling, for goats, is not unusual. They will yell for all sorts of reasons. “Mother goats call for their young when they get separated,” explained goat specialist Dr. Daniel Waldron of Texas A&M, and “young kid goats also call for their mothers.” “Goats may also ‘yell’ when they expect to get fed,” continued Dr. Waldron. “If I feed one pen of goats, the second pen may start ‘yelling’ because they want to be fed right now.”

Dr. Jean-Marie Luginbuhl of North Carolina State, a specialist in meat goats, agreed. “In my experience with goats, it does not take much for them to scream bloody murder, as if you are torturing them, when simply handling them.”  Read More:

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The Low Down On Good Fats

The Low Down On Good Fats Heart Foundation of Australia promoting Heart Health

The Low Down On Good Fats

The Low Down On Good Fats

But I thought fat was bad?

Not all fats are bad, there are good fats too. It’s important to swap the bad, unhealthy fats in your family’s diet for good, healthy fats.

Which ones are the good fats? Why are they healthy anyway?
Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats are healthy fats because they reduce ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol in our blood, so including these fats in our diets reduces our risk of heart disease. They also contain healthy nutrients such as antioxidants and essential fatty acids.

Where can I find these healthy fats?
Monounsaturated fats can be found in foods like avocados, almonds, cashews, macadamias and cooking oils or margarine spreads made from oils such as canola and olive oils.

Polyunsaturated fats can be divided into 2 groups – omega-6 and omega-3s. They help to increase the ‘good’ HDL cholesterol in our blood. These fats can be found in oily fish, tahini (sesame paste), walnuts and margarine spreads made from polyunsaturated oils.  Oils which contain polyunsaturated fats include soy, sunflower, sesame and safflower oils. You can also look out for foods which contain added omega-3s.

How do I include these in my family’s diet?
Our practical tips can help you include a wide variety of the good fats:
Avocados – spread on toast, wraps or sandwiches; mix chunks into salads
Almonds – enjoy a handful as a filling snack
Cashew nuts – toast lightly in the oven and toss into stir fry dishes
Walnuts – include these when baking snacks like cakes and biscuits, or grind up and sprinkle over cereal.
Tahini- is found in hummus as well as being a spread in itself
Linseeds – use seeds in baking or salads, and look out for linseed bread when it’s on special
Margarine – spread on toast, sandwiches and use in baking in place of butter
Fish – tins of Tick approved salmon and tuna are cheap, quick and easy ways to incorporate omega 3 into your diet. Try our delicious fish recipes.
Healthy oils – Choose sunflower, olive, canola, safflower, soybean, sesame, macadamia, peanut oil and vegetable oils described as polyunsaturated or monounsaturated on their labels, particularly ones which carry the Tick.

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The Milli Vanilli Tragedy

The Milli Vanilli Tragedy

The Milli Vanilli Tragedy

Picture source

Milli Vanilli. The mere mention of the name still calls up the same derision it did when the dance-pop duo’s career came to a sudden and ignominious end:

Fakers. Frauds. A blatant marketing scam. Their story has been retold countless times: after selling millions of records, Rob Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan were revealed to be models who publicly lip-synced to tracks recorded by anonymous studio vocalists. They became the first act ever stripped of a Grammy award and came to symbolize everything people disliked about dance-pop: it was so faceless that every musician involved could remain anonymous without anyone knowing the difference, so mechanical and artificial that the people who constructed it had to hire models to give it any human appeal, so pandering and superficial that people bought it just for its attachment to a pretty face.

Whether that assessment was fair or not, it was beyond easy to hold Milli Vanilli in contempt. Yet for all the scapegoating, they were far from the only dance-pop act to be fronted by lip-syncers in the late ’80s (the Martha Wash-voiced Black Box and C+C Music Factory spring to mind), nor were they the only Europop act to employ similar marketing tactics. (They were simply the most successful and visible, since their incorporation of rap made them more appealing to Americans.) What’s more, pop music had a long tradition of hits recorded by anonymous studio musicians, dating back to ’50s instrumental combos and ’60s bubblegum.
Milli Vanilli had the bad luck to get caught in a hoax during the extraordinarily image-conscious MTV era and a time when dance music of any stripe was accorded virtually no critical respect anyway, before its producers were perceived as the real creative points of focus. It’s not as though Milli Vanilli were acclaimed for their honesty of expression before the scandal broke; it’s more likely that what fuelled the backlash was public resentment over Rob and Fab’s celebrity (why should they be famous if they couldn’t sing?) and embarrassment over the fact that Milli Vanilli’s marketing had worked like a charm on everyone right up through the Grammy committee.  Source allmusic

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Moto Guzzi National Owners Club

Moto Guzzi National Owners Club

500cc V8 at factory

How It all Started

Very late in the year of 1970 a motorcycle magazine by the name of Motorcycle World (now defunct), printed a letter written by a fellow who was about to take delivery on a brand new 1970 750cc Moto Guzzi Ambassador. moto guzzi ambassador

The new motorcycle owner – Dennis Sterlace, had written the magazine asking for people about their experience and what they considered the pros and cons of the Moto Guzzi Ambassador.

Frank Wedge  wrote to Dennis and they began exchanging letters. After corresponding for a month or more, Frank and Dennis decided to try to get a Moto Guzzi correspondence club going. Dennis lived in Lackawanna, New York, and Frank lived in the tiny town of to Sylvan Grove, Kansas.

Frank wrote a letter to Road Rider magazine. Road Rider printed his letter, which asked for interested Moto Guzzi owners to contact either Dennis or Frank . Letters (although small in numbers at first) began coming in from all parts of the United States and a couple from Canada.

The MGNOC (Moto Guzzi National Owners Club)  is now an international club for the Moto Guzzi  owner and enthusiast.  Membership totals around 3200 people. All 50 states are represented, also several provinces in Canada and 16 or 17 other countries.

The MGNOC  is a small club, compared to some, but the members are very devoted to the marque, and most are active motorcyclists who probably ride more miles in an average year than many motorcyclists.


Now, 25 years later, Frank sometimes thinks back at how everything fell into place so that Dennis and himself were able to start up the Moto Guzzi National Owners Club . They are friendly group and  welcome any and all to attend their rallies or join the club.

Club Meetings and Rides Information

People who ride other brands of motorcycles often comment on how much they enjoy attending the rallies, and so the MGNOC  invite others to visit them at their various activities throughout the United States.

Moto Guzzi powered in Texas

In Italy, there is one motorcycle marque that stands above all others when it comes to history and tradition: Moto Guzzi. Today Guzzi is seen very much as a traditionalist, but this was not always so. From its inception shortly after the first Great War, its initial efforts remain shining examples of vision and achievement – and this would continue until the end of the 1950’s, some four decades later. From its Mandelo del Lario factory came a constant stream of mould-breaking designs which were to achieve glory on both road and track.

Visit the Moto Guzzi Museum

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