Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines – Parody

Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines – Parody


This song totally sucks


This song totally sucks

Hey hey hey

Hey hey hey WOO!

Hey hey hey

Hey hey hey WOO!


Come over here if you want to get raped

(Hey girl come here)

By a Creepy wannabe Timberlake

Maybe I’m going deaf (Hey hey hey)

Or maybe, I’m just high (Hey hey hey)

But no means yes in my mind (Hey hey hey)

This song totally sucks

This song and video will make you wanna take a knife that is really dull and shove it in your trachea

So overhyped it’s absurd (Hey hey hey)

Makes me seem like a huge perv (Hey hey hey)

“Because you are a huge perv!” (Hey hey hey)

And now it’s time for stupid hashtags

Than say my last name it’s extremely lame.

Here’s what they should say


I’m a douchebag who thinks he’s so smooth

Everyone’s dancing except me I’m way too cool.

I’m going blind that’s my excuse when

I am accused of molesting women

Cause I’m a scumbag

Who wrote this concept?

Nothing happening makes any damn sense.

There’s a car on your butt.

Now let’s watch T.I. dance, like a dirty old man who just shit in his pants.

I really want to fuck this goat.

Now here’s a crappy (Hey hey hey)

Attempt at funny (Hey hey hey)

What rhymes with funny?

A lot of stuff idiot!

What the hell’s wrong with this blonde girl.

Humping a stuffed dog?

Could this video get any more wrong?

Hey come here girl.

I have a big D.

If a guy has to say that it means it’s small and diseased.

You just got your ass served.

Somebody please tell me

What the hell am I doing with this vid I mean

Went from rapping on tracks about the streets

To brushing white chicks’ hair like a total creep

And what the hell’s with Pharrell’s outfit?

He look like he from outer space in this silver shit.

This video’s wack and this song’s overplayed.

Come on dude, stop hashtagging your name!


Robin you asshole

I’m preggo with your baby

Even though I said no

You knocked me up anyway

But the lines were blurred (Hey hey hey)

They totally weren’t (Hey hey hey)

You’re just a bastard! (Hey hey hey)


Ok, that’s enough, Everyone freeze

Who the hell is this shmuck?

I’m a hashtag cop #BUSTED

This hashtag abuse is against the law [#THICKE]

I’m not kidding

Someone turn that shit off

I am warning you

Stop or I will shoot

OK, that’s it dude!

Pharrell hands up!

What the hell did I do?

You’re under arrest.

For what?

For soliciting goat sex.

Put your hands behind your head!

Thicke, you are dead!

Who the fuck is this dude?

This is my daughter.

You got her preggers!

Time to meet my fist jerk!

What the hell!

Paybacks a bitch.

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Blurred Lines Parody – The Muppets – Robin Thicke

Blurred Lines Parody – The Muppets – Robin Thicke

Blurred Lines Parody - The Muppets - Robin Thicke

Created by puppet pioneer Jim Henson and hosted by a showbiz-savvy frog named KermitThe Muppet Show debuted on TV in September 1976 and was an instant hit with kids, college students, even grumpy old men. The weekly comedy-variety show featured Kermit, Miss PiggyFozzie, and their fellow Muppets rubbing elbows with special guests, including the biggest pop stars of the day.

At its peak, each episode of The Muppet Show went out to 235 million people in over 200 countries. The last of the original 120 shows aired in 1981, but by then The Muppets were already big-time movie stars, thanks to The Muppet Movie. Henson and company followed up with big-screen adventures like The Great Muppet Caper (1981), Muppets Take Manhattan (1984), Muppet Christmas Carol (1992), Muppet Beach Party (1993), Muppet Treasure Island (1996), and Muppets From Space (1999) — each with an accompanying soundtrack album. The Muppets’ most recent album, Kermit Unpigged, featured Kermie and friends riding the unplugged wave and singing duets with the likes of Ozzy Osbourneand Linda Ronstadt.

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Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines – A feminist parody

Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines – A feminist parody

Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines - A feminist parody

The spoof by three Auckland University law students titled “Defined Lines” satirises Thicke’s song with a music video that uses bare-chested males in submissive poses, instead of the topless female models featured in the original version.

The clip posted by the Auckland Law Review has racked up almost 600,000 hits on YouTube and with reposts from other users is approaching the one million mark.

The number of views has almost doubled since the video was pulled from the website on Monday for “sexually inappropriate content”, then allowed back up less than 24 hours later after YouTube admitted it had made a mistake.

Thicke’s song contains the refrain “I hate these blurred lines/ I know you want it” and has been condemned by critics who say the lyrics refer to the issue of sexual consent.

It gained further notoriety when Miley Cyrus sang it with Thicke at last week’s MTV awards, accompanied by gyrating “twerking” dance moves from the former Disney child star.

The New Zealand parody takes aim at pop videos that objectify women, with students Zoe Ellwood, Olivia Lubbock and Adelaide Dunn singing: “What you see on TV/ Doesn’t speak equality/ It’s straight up misogyny.”

Rather than playing up to the air-headed female stereotypes often seen in music videos, the trio proudly declare “We are scholastic/ Smart and sarcastic” and urge listeners to “resist chauvinism”.

“The message really is just that we think that women should be treated equally, and as part of that, we’re trying to address the culture of objectifying women in music videos,” Lubbock told New Zealand Newswire.

She said she was surprised when the video was taken down.

Thicke’s video, complete with topless cavorting models, remains on the website and has more than 17 million hits, with users needing to sign in to verify their age before viewing it.

“It’s just funny that the response has been so negative when you flip it around and objectify males,” Lubbock said.

She was not the only one nonplussed at the decision to remove the video, with British author Caitlin Moran pointing out the inconsistency of banning it for alleged indecency while leaving Thicke’s video online.

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