Aussie Mum confronted PNG killers

Aussie Mum confronted PNG killers

Aussie Mum confronted PNG killers

Christiana King and family (Getty)

An Australian woman stood up to a group of bandits even as two of her colleagues were hacked to death on a walking trail in Papua New Guinea.

Bathurst-raised Christiana King, 38, has been hailed a hero by injured survivors after she presented herself as the leader of a group of Australian ex-soldiers hiking the Black Cat Trail.

As the military men curled up in the foetal position, Ms King offered the armed killers money in an effort to get them to go away, the Daily Telegraph reports.

The attack on Tuesday left two porters dead and four Australian tourists seriously injured.

Trekker Jon Hill, an ex-soldier who served in Somalia, said Ms King showed “pure, selfless courage”.

“She offered herself up as the leader. Not so much to be taken away. But to defuse the situation,” he said.

“She got hit, we all got beaten, but she got us out safe.”

Melbourne man Glen Reiss described the attack as completely quiet save for some thumping noises.

“It was silent. Except for hacking, slashing and some moaning,” he said.

“The thumping was the sound of a bush knife hacking into human flesh.”

A former trauma nurse at Sydney’s Royal North Shore hospital, Ms King is now helping with the treatment of the injured porters in a Papua New Guinea hospital.

Author: Nick Pearson. Approving editor: Dave Meddows

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