Heavy Duty Water Bootee

Heavy Duty Water Bootee

Heavy Duty Water Bootee

Introducing Darkfin webbed Power Gloves and Bootees

Black Lagoon Products is a privately owned company based in Knoxville Tennessee.
Our company’s ‘confidential’ rubber dipping process, combined with over 20 years of studying a variety of water sports and marine life propulsion, makes us uniquely qualified to design and produce the worlds first and only practical webbed glove suitable for use in all category’s of water sports that make use of the hands in some way to create resistance for the purpose of propulsion.

Darkfin power gloves are becoming evermore popular with Rescue divers, Parapalegic divers, swimmers, Life guards, Navy Seals and other government rescue and recovery groups and agencies.

This amazing product has been tested again and again by Professionals and novice and has proven to be the most effective, comfortable, durable webbed glove ever designed.

The most unique line of natural latex rubber Gloves and Bootee’s in the world.
Our goal is to introduce the Darkfin line of rubber products and apparel to the retail Sports industry around the Globe.

Darkfin gloves superior materials and unique natural design make it the best webbed glove in the world.

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