Cesar Millan Dog Whisperer

Cesar Millan Dog Whisperer

Cesar Millan Dog Whisperer

I am Cesar Millan, star of “Leader of the Pack,” and I have two missions. One is to confront the global issue of canine abandonment by giving “unadoptable” dogs a second chance at life. The other is to teach you how to be a pack leader, and achieve balance and harmony with your dogs.

It is my hope that “Leader of the Pack” will prevent the deaths of so many innocent dogs. My goal with this show is to awaken the world to how many dogs are killed unnecessarily every year, how we kill them, and how the world really treats what we call man’s best friend. By recognizing what is really happening around the world, we can save the lives of millions of dogs by respecting their love.

Each episode is a journey showing the difficult situation of rescued dogs and demonstrating that it’s not about the breed, age, or history of the dog — it´s about the human who handles the dog.

I began this journey in Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico, and grew up working with animals on my grandfather’s farm. Because of my natural way with dogs, they would follow me everywhere. Other kids would bully me and call me el perrero—”the dirty dog boy.” But I tried to not let the negativity get to me, and for my 13th birthday my wish was to become the best dog trainer in the world.

Cesar Family Photo

It’s no secret that I jumped the border into the US when I was 21. Here I spoke no English and knew no one. I was homeless living on the streets for 2 months and eventually got a job as a dog groomer and dog walker. So here’s a Mexican guy walking 30 or 40 dogs off leash. I didn’t even know walking dogs off leash was illegal.

I developed a following and got a reputation for being able to work with the most aggressive dogs. In 1994, I met Jada Pinkett, then a sitcom actress (now Jada Pinkett Smith, after her marriage to Will Smith). She became one of my clients and biggest supporters. When I told her I wanted to be on TV, she told me I needed to learn English first and she even paid for my English tutor for the year.

Then after a profile of me ran in the Los Angeles Times, I was approached by several production companies to develop a TV show. I started working on a pilot for Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan. It first aired in 2004 on National Geographic and would become National Geographic’s #1 show. The show is now on Nat Geo WILD and broadcast in more than 80 countries!

I got married in 1994 and had two sons, Andre in 1995 and Calvin in 2001. But in June 2010, I received news of my divorce while in London and it made my whole world come down. I felt defeated, a big sense of guilt and failure. I had my boys with me, but I wasn’t feeling good. I was at the lowest level I had ever been emotionally and psychologically. It was also my first summer without Daddy, who had passed on the previous February after being with me for nearly sixteen years. In fact, Daddy had helped Andre learn how to walk, and had helped me rehabilitate many a dog and train many a dog lover. He also helped me pick out his protégé, Junior, who joined the pack as a puppy in 2008 and has grown into another calm and mellow pit bull ambassador. He has been especially helpful in dealing with aggressive dogs. Although Junior has been attacked, he has never retaliated. He just calmly stands his ground, which defuses the situation.

Cesar Millan and Daddy

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