Ankle Boots And Wedges

Ankle Boots And Wedges

Jumbo Ugg Boots

Quality Australian Sheepskin Footwear

The Australian ugg boot traces its origins back to at least early last century when World War I pilots were pictured wearing their fleece-lined “Fug Boots” (Presumably flying ugg boots!).
Blue Mountain Uggs go back to 1933 with shearers finding them cosy and warm and in the late 1950’s, Mortel’s Sheepskin Factory began producing a line of “apache ugh boots”.
Then in the late 1960’s Australian surfers started making boots out of sheepskin to keep their feet warm when they were out of the water.

Jumbo Ugg Boots® – Binder Production Pty Ltd is a family business manufacturing ugg boots here in our home town Melbourne, Australia since 1989.
We manufacture high quality sheepskin footwear made from first grade double faced Australian Sheepskin.
Jumbo Ugg Boots has been successfully wholesaling and retailing to many satisfied customers within Australia and Overseas.
Our website was established in 2002 successfully providing customers all over the world with our great product, cheap prices and fast, reliable, friendly customer service.
Our high quality sheepskin footwear is suitable for use in all weathers providing excellent insulation against the cold but also absorbing excessive moisture whilst letting your feet breathe.
The thick natural fleece on the inside of the boots moulds to the unique shape of your foot, once you put them on you will feel like you are walking on a cloud.
Jumbo Ugg boots are all washable and are suitable for everyone both young and old.

The range of footwear includes Mens Boots, Womens Boots, Fashion Boots, Kids Boots, Slippers and Moccasins.
Jumbo Ugg Gift cards makes a perfect gift for your loved ones.

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