Dead baby wakes up crying at funeral home

Dead baby wakes up crying at funeral home

Dead baby wakes up crying at funeral home

dead baby wakes up and cries at the funeral home where he was to be cremated leaving funeral workers startled and shocked. The dead baby woke up two days after he was officially pronounced dead at the Anhui Provincial Children’s Hospital. “The hospital had issued a death certificate for the baby, who was meant to be cremated under standard procedures, according to the Hefei Municipal Funeral Parlor,” reported Shangaiist on Nov. 22, 2013.

The dead baby who woke up and cried before being cremated was discovered to be alive on Wednesday morning by funeral workers in Anhui in eastern China. The funeral workers sent the baby boy who is less than one month old immediately back to the hospital where he had been declared dead.

According to the health department in the Anhui province, the baby boy who unexpectedly woke up two days after he had been pronounced dead suffered from a congenital respiratory system malformation.

After being born, the parents had agreed to stop medical treatment for their baby boy on Nov. 12. However, since the baby boy “still had life signs, we continued to give him transfusions to maintain his life for humanitarian reasons,” said one of the staff members of the Anhui Provincial Children’s Hospital.

On Monday, Nov. 18, however, the baby boy’s health declined, a death certificate was issued, and the baby boy was sent to the funeral home to be cremated. An investigation into the precise circumstances of the incident is ongoing.

However, had the “dead” baby boy not woken up and cried on Wednesday, he would have been cremated alive.

While the baby boy who prevented his cremation by waking up and crying is being treated, the doctor responsible for declaring him dead has been ruled negligent and his license has been revoked.

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