Jack Russell – Today’s Furry Friend

Jack Russell – Today’s Furry Friend

Jack Russell - Todays Furry Friend

In brief

• Smart, playful, charming, and energetic

• Requires plenty of stimulation and exercise

• Relatively free of genetic and health problems



Today’s Jack Russell Terrier is a descendant of the fox hunting terriers bred in England by the Reverend Jack Russell in the mid 1800s. As an avid sportsman, Rev. Russell had his own pack of hounds, however, his wish was for a smaller, agile dog that could keep up with the pack, and have the smarts to outfox foxes. Intent on making his vision come true, Rev. Russell began his breeding program with a small tan and white terrier bitch called Trump, who went on to become a legend in the Jack Russell lineage – her portrait still hangs today at the British Royal Family’s Sandringham estate.


Personality, characteristics and temperament

Intelligent, athletic, fearless, vocal, bold, plucky, spirited, active, alert, confident, tough, charming, friendly, outgoing, cheerful, brave, eager, and tenacious: these are some of the adjectives used to describe the Jack Russell Terrier.


This is a dog with the kind of intelligence that needs to be challenged on a daily basis, not just with physical exercise but mental stimulation, as well. The Jack Russell’s acuity is what makes it a highly trainable dog, which makes the breed a standout in dog competitions – the more you give a Jack Russell to learn and do, the happier it will be.


The flipside is that boredom is its worst enemy. Leave a Jack Russell to its own devices and it will eventually wreak havoc, partly as a result of separation anxiety, and partly for something to do. With this breed often referred to as ‘a large dog trapped in a little dog’s body,’ the Jack Russell is not the best pet to keep in an apartment.

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