Nourishing the Kidney can Cure


Nourishing the Kidney can Cure Impotence

Nourishing the Kidney can Cure Impotence

Improve male sexual function and libido

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Impotence, also known as sex impotent or impotency or libido deficiency, is very common for men aged between 20 and 80.
Male Power is an exceptional formula specially designed for men to help regain sexual potency and to restore and maintain general well being.
Professor Jia Li Yuan has more than 48 years clinical experience in the practice of both western and traditional Chinese medicine.
As well as treating sexual problems, she is practised in the whole field of traditional Chinese medicine.
The impairment erection function consists of congenital type and secondary type.
Impotence is related with the condition of heart, kidney, spleen, gall bladder and stomach, but it is closely related with the function of heart and kidney, as heart dominates spirit and mood and once the seven emotional feelings are strained, the disorder of heart function would give rise to failure of sperm ejaculation.
However, kidney plays the key role to sexual function.
The ancient Chinese Medical Book named "Nei Jing" stressed the physiological function of kidney.
Whether kidney is in normal or abnormal condition, it just depends on the strong or weak kidney energy.
Strong kidney energy indicates enough sperm, good penis erection and normal ejaculation; and weak kidney energy indicates lack of sperm, poor erection and early ejaculation or easy loss of sperm.
So kidney is the most important function.
Nourishing the Kidney can cure impotence.
Unlike other products that contain sex hormones to stimulate the body for a short time, Male Power is a gentle tonic that produces long-lasting results.

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Male Power with proven result for man's impotence and sexual problem, Australian approval No. AUSL.127366 and manufactured in Australia under strict international GMP standards.

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Nourishing the Kidney can Cure Impotence

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