Marble And Coral Stone

Staunton Chess Set

Marble And Coral Stone Staunton Chess Set

Marble And Coral Stone Staunton Chess Set

Providing The Largest Selection Of Chess Sets

About us

Chess Sets, Boards, & Other Supplies for Players at All Levels from Beginner to Master.
The Chess Store is all about the passion we collectively share for being the number one purveyor of chess sets in the world.
What that means to us, is not only providing the largest selection of chess sets there is, but making sure our customers receive the quality they expect, the lowest price we can pass on, and the best value.
To play a game of chess you need more than a chess set, you need a chess board and for more advance play you need a clock and even a scorebook.
In fact there seems to be an endless number of chess products being sold out there.
We try to cover just as much as we practically can while approaching this from two fronts, the best value and choice.
Meaning, some of our products are pretty much mainstream and you can find anywhere and some we develop ourselves focusing on design and quality.
We especially take pride in our Staunton wood chess sets, chess boards, and plastic chess sets.
We work with the very best manufacturers in India that product nearly all of the world's wood chess sets.
You might find similar wood chess sets elsewhere on the internet, but there are most definitely differences and our exclusive designs you simply won't find anywhere else.
We also have a large collection of exclusive plastic chess sets that are simply spectacular.
Learning and improving is an important part of the game, at least for many players.
Having a good chess set and board is nice to have, but the tools to learn and improve maybe even more important.
For that we offer the best chess books and dvds available for players to learn from and they work!
We work with all of the best chess companies in the world including Rechapados Ferrer, Jaques of London, Italfama, and Manopoulos.
These companies are the best of the best and their chess products are a favorite with players and collectors. We try to carry all of their products and keep them in stock and offer the best price we can. The Chess Store is dedicated to the game of chess and our customers, both past and future.

Why us

We strive to offer the best products, lowest prices, excellent customer service, and an overall enjoyable online shopping experience.

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Marble And Coral Stone Staunton Chess Set

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