How To Tell A Great Story

How To Tell A Great Story

Unlock the Secrets of Storytelling.

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Are you an ABSOLUTE BEGINNER to storytelling who would you like to discover storytelling techniques that experienced and professional storytellers use - methods that save time and help you tell a great story, not just another waste of time?
Have you been searching for a resource on how to tell a great story specifically for storytellers who are just starting out that makes learning storytelling techniques really easy?
And explains everything using words that you understand, not some special storytelling jargon where you need to look up every single term?
Then read on ...
Are you ready right now to learn how to:
Start telling your own story in as little as 24 hours. Construct a proper story from scratch.
Use the same basic storytelling techniques master storytellers use to amaze their family and friends.
Find interesting ideas for stories. Never again leave out important bits of your stories.
Describe the characters and setting in your stories perfectly.
If you're like me, when I decided to start storytelling, I had no idea how to begin.
None of my friends were storytellers & nobody in my family indulged in this vocation.
There were certainly no books to teach storytelling to a beginner like me.
There was no easy way for me to learn storytelling.
I wanted a book that was easy to understand and that had step-by-step instructions specifically written for a beginner to storytelling.
I also wanted to learn how to tell stories to anyone - it did not have to be only to children or only to adults.
I spent hours looking for a "learn to tell stories" specifically for beginners; none was to be found.
I bought the books on which other people recommended and found that they were so difficult, that I gave up half way.
They gave so many alternatives to telling one story that I did know where to begin or where to end.

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How To Tell A Great Story

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How To Tell A Great Story

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Unlock the Secrets of Storytelling.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Unlock the Secrets of Storytelling.

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