Help Eliminate Eczema

Help Eliminate Eczema

Making Eco Conscious Living Easy And Affordable.

About us

Save yourself the hassle of lugging home heavy laundry detergents from the supermarket and be gentle to the planet at the same time!
Ettitude green cleaning laundry balls are tough on dirt but gentle on your clothes and the earth.
They remove stains, thoroughly wash and soften the clothes, and contain no harsh chemicals.
They help eliminate skin problems like eczema, cut down washing time and save water and electricity.
Our washing balls are just easy to use, environmentally safe and economical!
Ettitude toiletries for everyday use, like toothbrushes, toothpaste, eco laundry and dryer balls and stain removers, are all meant to make your work easier while preserving the environment.
The most attractive feature of the eco balls is that they help reduce the problem of baby eczema.
When you use conventional detergents in your washing machines, it is difficult to get all the chemicals off your baby's garments.
Baby eczema is especially frustrating for parents because at first you don't even know why your baby is crying.
In extreme cases, no amount of moisturizer and soothing lotions help.
Using less detergent might lower the risk, but then how do you get the heavy stains off?
The ideal solution to baby eczema problems is eco laundry balls.
They reduce washing time, in addition to cutting down on usage of power and water.
They are not an environmental hazard and are also very economical compared to washing powder.

Why us

Ettitude is not only about selling products with a low impact on mother earth, we also love to support meaningful projects, large or small, that have a positive impact on our society. Through donating products, money, time, or effort, we take great pleasure in offering our support where we can.

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Help Eliminate Eczema

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Making Eco Conscious Living Easy And Affordable

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Help Eliminate Eczema

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Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Making Eco Conscious Living Easy And Affordable

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Making Eco Conscious Living Easy And Affordable

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