Ensure Crops And Suppress Pests

Ensure Crops And Suppress Pests

Ensure Crops And Suppress Pests

Bioconverting Food Scraps

About us

One of the growing uses of worm castings is the production of living, compost tea.
The high population count of beneficial microbes present in vermicompost makes for superior quality teas.
Through a special extraction and brewing process, a liquid soil amendment with highly concentrated microbes is created that can be applied to plants through standard sprayers or simple soil drenching.
The beneficial bacteria, protazoa, nematodes and fungi work in synergy with the plants and soil matrix to provide essential nutrients, ensuring crops are protected outcompeting and suppressing pests and diseases.
Besides delivering beneficial microbes to plants, compost tea additionally improves soil structure, retains nutrients and increases the ability of soil to hold water.
Compost tea is an integral part of sustainable farming and permaculture, reducing the need for pesticides and other chemicals.
Plants do not get disease or pest infections because they lack the proper pesticides - they succumb because of poor nutrition, dead soils, and weak immune systems.
Create healthy soils and boost plant immune systems and you have a healthier, more resilient garden with higher yields and more nutritious foods!
Oxygenation is Key. The Earth Tea Brewer employs a dual aeration system that provides the microbes with adequate oxygen and gentle agitation, insuring the proper environment for propagation.
The continuous duty water pump with a venturi-style mixing nozzle delivers the dissolved oxygen critical for success.
The aerated water enhances the extraction process of beneficial microbes without adversely harming them due to excessive turbulent energy.

Why us

The manufacturer has devoted tremendous time and energy to produce one of the best and most reliable tea makers on the market.
When analyzing test results, the figures produced show that the bacterial and fungal biomass (active and total) met or exceeded the desired range.

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Ensure Crops And Suppress Pests

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