Eco Friendly Underwear

Eco Friendly Underwear

Making Eco Conscious Living Easy And Affordable.

About us

Why Organic Underwear? If you"re looking for comfortable underwear, you"ll love ettitude.
Since lingerie is the item you wear closest to your skin, the selection process deserves more attention than it is normally given.
Cotton is usually the preferred choice of the environmentally conscious.
With organic cotton, you stand to benefit even more as it is free of pesticides and therefore free of allergens as well.
The general advantages of cotton organic underwear are: More comfortable - Breathable fabrics - Biodegradable and Durable.
No harsh chemicals are used during the manufacturing process, so no harmful waste is released into the environment.
Since cotton is a natural fabric, it absorbs moisture and keeps your skin cool on hot days.
It becomes softer and more comfortable when washed.
The company is founded on the simple idea that all home & family essentials should be not only practical, but unquestionably safe - eco-friendly - beautiful and convenient.
Our goal is to give everyone who wants the best for their family and the earth an easier way to adopt a greener, more socially responsible lifestyle, without sacrificing quality and luxury in the things they buy.
We do this by providing a wide range of stylish, unique, and eco-friendly products in a quick, secure and convenient online shopping environment- wrapped in a passion for social responsibility, tied with a bow of integrity and delivered to your doorstep hassle free!
Our organic products are grown and produced without the use of antibiotics, pesticides, growth hormones, herbicides, or GMOs.
Our recycled items are made with ingredients that have been extracted from another product for re-use.
These products go the extra mile because even their packaging is recycled, recyclable, and non-toxic.
Manufactured using methods and resources that do not cause long term harm to our natural resources, nor deplete or diminish the value of the environment for future generations.

Why us

Ettitude is not only about selling products with a low impact on mother earth, we also love to support meaningful projects, large or small, that have a positive impact on our society. Through donating products, money, time, or effort, we take great pleasure in offering our support where we can.

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Eco Friendly Underwear

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Making Eco Conscious Living Easy And Affordable

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Eco Friendly Underwear

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Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Making Eco Conscious Living Easy And Affordable

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Making Eco Conscious Living Easy And Affordable

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